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Glasses Gallery is an American online glasses destination for designer eyeglasses and exclusive boutique brand glasses. We specialize in high-quality lenses that offer function, protection, and comfort. Our glasses collection ranges from toddlers' glasses, fashion eyewear and reading glasses, to glamorous sunglasses, cool sports glasses and blue light filtering optical lenses. We offer a complete eyewear solution for customers of all ages and interests. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, we have just the right pair for you.

Our Glasses

Our glasses are sourced from designer and boutique eyewear brands from around the world, bringing you over 2,000 frames from over 100 well-known and exclusive eyewear companies. You can find your favorite pair of glasses online here at our site. Choose from different frame materials including acetate and titanium, then make them your own with your unique glasses prescription. Relieve eyestrain with a pair of computer glasses, or stay protected from harmful UV with polarized prescription sunglasses or polarized mirror sports glasses.

The Lens Specialist

As lens specialists we offer an extensive choice of lenses to meet our customers' optical needs. Our specialty lenses range from single vision lenses to ultra-thin progressive lenses coated for additional protection. We aim to go beyond expectations to provide the best optical solutions for every customer. Glasses Gallery's state-of-the-art production center is equipped with modern optical production equipment, applying the utmost precision on even the most complex of lenses. Teams of expert craftsman work around the clock to produce high-quality lenses to fulfill our customers' online glasses orders.


All our lenses are scratch resistant and impact resistant, and go above all FDA requirements to ensure safety. Our extensive lens collection features a wide range of tinted sports lenses designed for specific outdoor activities including golf, tennis running, cycling, and hunting. These sports lenses are finely crafted to offer the best possible visual experience, even in harsh direct sunlight, providing contrast and brightening the details.

Functional Lenses

We aim to take care of your eyes by offering functional optical lenses that provide both comfort and protection. Our high-quality lenses are crafted from premium materials and finished with a fine polish using precise technology and methods. From single vision prescription glasses to progressive polarized sunglasses, we have all the eyewear bases covered.

Kids Lenses

Glasses Gallery's kids' lenses are specifically made for the eyes of growing children and teenagers. We fit specially designed children's eyewear with lenses that block harmful high energy blue light, and protect young eyes from destructive UV rays. Our lenses are made from Trivex, an amazingly lightweight and robust material created for the US military with impact resistance that is ten times FDA requirement. We also offer kid-proof sunglasses and sports glasses to protect children's eyes outdoors, and to make sure they can play and enjoy sports and outdoor activities to the full. Sports glasses and sunglasses for kids are available with prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses. We aim to offer a full range of glasses, sunglasses and unique lens packages to protect and care for children's eyes.

Find your new pair of glasses today! Contact us at if you have any questions, our eyewear experts and lens specialists will be happy to help.

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