Glasses Gallery was established to be the online eyewear destination of exclusive boutique-branded frames and lenses of supreme functionality and enhanced vision safety. Our website is intrinsically equipped with the new 3D real-time Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement feature to fully assist you.

Our lenses are all of great functionality, professionally enhanced using solely premium materials, finely polished with high-tech finishes with the ultimate aim to best take care of your optical needs. We carry a wide range of sports color lenses customized for different activities, and special NXT sports lens packages for golfers, runners, skiers, shooters, cyclists, tennis players, and the outdoor enthusiasts. The extensive collection is displayed to best answer to the specific and technical needs of the athletic individuals who look nowhere else as the destination for their sports eyewear.

Other than high performance sports lenses, we carry a variety of "kidproof" eyewear. There are computer lenses to block harmful blue lights from electronic screens, Transitions lenses to automatically adjust color from clear to dark to best protect their vulnerable eyes from destructive UV, and Trivex (a material that is amazingly lightweight, created for the US military, with high impact resistance 10 times the FDA requirement) lenses to provide the ultimate protection from unexpected impact and/or breakage. What's more, we offer different multi-function lens packages to give parents total flexibility to bring home the best care for their children.

We are proud to be recognized as the lens specialist to offer a wide array of lenses to cater for our customers' optical needs across all genders and categories; we aim to not just please but go beyond expectations solely to provide the best optical solutions for our customers. Visit our SITE, do not hesitate to contact us at cso@glassesgallery.com if you have any questions.

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