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Aviator glasses

About Aviator Glasses

'Aviator' Style eyewear, given their name due to their oblique teardrop shape, are a classic design developed by Ray-Ban in 1937. Popularity of the Aviator Glasses and Sunglasses style rose largely in the 1980’s following films like Top Gun where Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer wore the fashionable Aviator Sunglasses. All glasses and sunglasses displayed within this category all feature the Aviator frame style.

What’s old is new again. Moving beyond just sunglasses, aviator glasses are making a full comeback, with today’s top celebrities and trendsetters sporting this tear-drop shape for everyday wear. Aviator frames provide the perfect balance for those with wider foreheads and angular features, including square and heart face shapes.

As the name suggests, classic aviator glasses frames were designed for pilots—way back in the thirties. Since then, aviator glasses have gone on to become a timeless symbol of swagger and attitude. While they do come in a range of materials, most feature metal rims and the aviator’s signature double nose bridge. The lenses are traditionally big, dark, and reflective, which swiftly bring out the bold in anyone wearing them.

Hallmarks of the Aviator Design

Known for their dark and reflective lenses, today there are many lenses used for this particular style. All aviators, however, will have the following characteristics:

  • A lens area that is two to three times larger than the eye socket.

  • Thin metal frames with a double or triple bridge.

  • Cable or bayonet earpiece style temples that hook behind the ears.

  • Large convex lenses that aren’t flat and cover the entire range the human eye

  • Teardrop shape that curves along the cheekbone on the inside of the nose

  • Adjustable nose pads

Find the  aviator glasses at our online store

No matter you like oversized, big, small or classic vintage retro aviator eyeglasses, you can find them at our online store. We offer aviator glasses with prescription or non-prescription. Clear, black, gold, clear, yellow, tortoise shell and many other colors are available.

Until recently, we offer the Stress Free lenses which is the innovative lens coating technology that efficiently reduces the amount of high energy blue light reaching your eyes, cuts glare and increases visual contrast. This is particularly essential for your daily works using computers and even playing video games and webs browsing for longer duration.

We also offer aviator frames in a variety of materials, ranging from sleek metals to glossy acetates, and colours to suit your personal style and tastes.The best part about aviators is that they fit just about any face. Square, round, heart, and pear shapes can all pull off aviator sunglasses with ease. They’re extremely popular, we offer enough options for cheap aviator glasses to you for optional choice. So,go ahead and add a pair of aviator glasses now. You may contact our customer service by live chat or calls for a gift card exclusively for you. Let us assure you our product quality because you will get full refund under our 100% money back guarantee policy.

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