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Get High Quality Bifocal Glasses at Glasses Gallery


Some time after age 40, you will begin to notice the symptoms of presbyopia, including that feeling that your arms "aren't long enough" to hold a newspaper or magazine at a position where you can read it clearly.


If you already wear prescription eyeglasses, this generally means you will need to begin wearing multifocal lenses to continue to see clearly at all distances; bifocal lens is one of the options that you could consider.


At Glasses Gallery, you could get high quality bifocal glasses at a good price.  All lenses at Glasses Gallery, bifocals, along with any other clear lenses come with protective coating, including, the following:

ž   Impact Resistant Coating

ž   Anti-reflective coating

You may also choose to upgrade your lenses to include Digital Block coating, so that your lenses could protect your eyes from harmful blue ray emitted by digital screens.

What’s more, at Glasses Gallery, in addition to getting bifocal glasses at a good price; you would also be able to enjoy the highly competitive pricing on all of our eyewear.  Whether you are looking for eyeglasses or sunglasses, from latest collection to special-priced items; we are certain that Glasses Gallery will answer to your needs.


One Lens, Many Functions


Bifocal eyeglass lenses contain two or more lens powers to help you see objects at all distances after you lose the ability to naturally change the focus of your eyes due to age (presbyopia). Bifocals are characterized by its visible line in the middle of the lens that separates near and distance vision. The upper portion of the lens is usually for distance vision, while the lower portion is for reading.


Executive bifocal lens (also called the Franklin bifocal).

While bifocals lenses are mainly prescribed for adults over age 40 to compensate for presbyopia, in some cases bifocals are prescribed for children and young adults who have eye teaming or focusing problems that cause eye strain when reading. In these cases, the bottom portion of the bifocal lens reduces the amount of focusing effort required to see near objects clearly.


Is it safe to buy bifocal glasses online at Glasses Gallery


Before placing your order for bifocal reading glasses with us, we recommend reading our simple guide to buying bifocal lenses.  This bifocal glasses guide will help you to understand what your prescription means and how to choose the right bifocal lenses along with a frame that will both suit and fit your face comfortably.


Buying Glasses Online, is it Safe?


Absolutely. At Glasses Gallery, we offer best price for bifocal lenses, as well as different types of prescription lenses.  We also guarantee that; buying bifocal glasses online, at Glasses Gallery, is as safe as buying any other lens products from us.  Understandably, buying tailored items such as prescription glasses online is slightly different to a standard ‘off the shelf’ product, but at Glasses Gallery, we can assure you that our products are supplied to the highest standard.


All incoming orders for bifocal lenses, as well as any other type of prescription glasses; are reviewed by in-house optometrists. You will be advised if there are any obvious discrepancies in your prescription. All outgoing prescription spectacles are also thoroughly checked by our quality control staff to ensure that your glasses have been made to the required prescription and to the highest standard.


We are committed to offering the best quality bifocal lenses at good price.  We have been serving plentiful new and returning customers for the quality lenses and top class eyewear.


Getting and Understanding your Prescription


To buy bifocal lenses online at Glasses Gallery; and to help us producing well fitted bifocal lenses, you need your prescription.   If you have not had your eyes tested in the past 2 years then we highly recommend visiting your local optician for a check up, not only will this test tell you if you require glasses but it also acts as a general health check.  Please make sure that your optician will provide you  with a copy of your prescription for your own records.


Understanding your Prescription


IMPORTANT Reminder when buy bifocal lenses or any prescription lenses at Glasses Gallery


At Glasses Gallery, you may choose to directly upload your prescription at the check out; or you could choose to input your prescription data via an e-form that we will make available to you, at the click of the button; after you have selected your lens type.


The most common mistake we see on an almost daily basis is the wrong selection of "+" and "-" values when entering prescriptions online. We cannot stress enough that extra care must be taken when selecting these values!


At first glance, especially for a new glasses wearer, your glasses prescription can look confusing but it is actually quite simple to understand.  This is how your prescription will generally be laid out (depending on country):

Lets look to see what each of these measurements mean.


SPH / Sphere


The sphere (Sph) specifies the strength of lens required to correct your focus - a plus sphere to correct long-sightedness (hyperopic - difficulty focusing on close objects) and a minus to correct short sightedness (myopia - difficulty focusing on distant objects.)


The sphere is measured in Dioptre’s, your prescription may have the word Plano or Pl or an infinity sign, this means that you are neither long nor short sighted but zero power for the Sphere. Most values range from 0.00 to +/- 20.00 and go up in steps of 0.25.


CYL / Cylinder


The CYL and AXIS compensate for an astigmatism. So what's an astigmatism? An astigmatism is where the eye is shaped slightly like a rugby ball or referred to as ‘toric’, not a perfect sphere like a football. This just means the eye has difficulty focusing at certain angles.


This box maybe empty or have a plus or a minus value in it. The measurement is the Dioptre. Most values range from +/- 0.25 to +/- 4.00 and will go up in steps of 0.25.




The AXIS is only present if there is a value in the CYL box, the AXIS tells us where the astigmatism is on your eye. The measurement is in Degrees. The values range between 0 and 180 and may go up in steps of ½, 1, 5 or 10 degrees, we only show the AXIS to a whole number but if you have a ½ degree on your prescription you can list this in the additional information box when ordering.


ADD / Addition


The Add, short for Reading Addition, is the additional correction required for reading, this can be used to make either reading glasses, bifocal glasses or Varifocal glasses.


This figure is an indication of how much extra power is required ‘on top’ of the distance prescription for near or intermediate glasses. This extra power will ALWAYS be the same for each eye and may only appear once on your prescription but it is understood to be meant for both eyes. The measurement is the Dioptre, and most values range from +0.50 to +3.50 and will go up in steps of 0.25.


The 'addition' is only required if the glasses are going to be used for reading or close work. If your glasses are for distance only, this will not be an issue. Sometimes opticians use the word 'Add' or 'Near' instead of 'addition'. They may only write it once, but it normally applies to both eyes and is almost always the same value for both eyes (e.g. 'Add' +2.50 - should be entered for both eyes).

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