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Glasses for Protection Against Droplets

We are going through some very hard times that will have a significant effect on what the world will be after this pandemic, crisis is over.

The coronavirus is an infectious disease that spreads fast and has caused panic at a global level. It had forced nations across the world to result in city lockdown and even entire nations closing to any incoming or outgoing movements.

Specialists all over the world, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, are working around hard to find better ways of treating and preventing the spread of this epidemic situation.

There are some obvious and highly recommended measures that we can all take to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 highly infectious agents. 

Droplets generated by those infected can last very long and travel long distances when released during coughing or sneezing by the germ carriers.

With many potentially contaminated, it is highly recommended to use face shields, a surgical mask for respiratory protection. What many are missing, is that as Personal Protection Equipment, it is important to use also goggles. Whether you already have a pair of prescription glasses or not, using glasses can help stop the droplets to reach your eyes. Using glasses will help reduce the infection that can happen by direct contact between the droplets and your eyes or contact by touching your eyes.

All health care workers have been repeatedly insisting on people carrying proper hand hygiene and not just use Personal Protection Equipment. The use of hand sanitizer is also helping to reduce the risk of infection. Working from home is an additional way of reducing the spread.

The prevention and infection control is vital at the current moment in order to reduce and eliminate this virus.

As the virus is attacking and reproducing in the respiratory system. Reason why, the spread of virus droplets during coughing and sneezing is the main way of spreading the infection. 

The respiratory droplets released during the coughing and sneezing are sometimes as small particles and as large droplets. Regardless of the size of droplets, the increased protection besides surgical masks is very important. 

Using glasses is very important and reduces significantly the infection risk. At the Glasses Gallery, we have done our best to offer some amazingly priced glasses for everyone. To afford a pair of glasses for the added protection should be easy.

In these difficult times, it is important to do our best, to protect not just ourselves, but our loved ones and the rest of the world. Doing our part in reducing the spread of this vicious disease is the best we can do.

We have made a budget-friendly category of curved glasses that are a more snug fit for proper eye protection. They are also fashionable and suitable for prescription lenses too.

Prescription lenses starting at USD$20.00 for single vision clear lenses, and USD$100.00 for progressive lenses. Glasses Gallery is the go-to destination for all your glasses’ needs.


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