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Get FREE Lenses and Coatings with Your Frame Purchase

When you purchase a pair of glasses, you want the lenses to be designed to improve your vision, not hinder it. They should protect your eyes, reduce eye strain and help you see more clearly. This is best achieved through high-grade lenses and special coatings.

Glasses Gallery offers FREE Polycarbonate Lenses for eyeglasses, clear lenses, if you have a single-vision prescription between Sph-3.00 to Sph+3.00/Cyl-2.00. Polycarbonate is well-known for its lightweight and mpact resistant quality. It is currently used for the helmet visors of astronauts and for space shuttle windshields, and has become the standard for safety glasses. Our FREE High Quality Lens Package was created to go beyond your expectations, thus comes FREE with the following:

Many other eyewear stores will charge separately for these valuable features, but Glasses Gallery includes these on every qualified pair for FREE. Because to us, these are the necessities but not add-ons that should cost extra.
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