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Horn rimmed glasses

Horn-rimmed glasses are a type of eyeglasses. Originally made out of horn for most of their history they have actually been constructed out of thick plastics designed to imitate those materials. They are characterized by their bold appearance on the wearer's face, in contrast to metal frames, which appear less pronounced.

Horn-rimmed glasses were one of the first styles of eyeglasses to become a popular fashion item. The style has brought a resurgence of popularity in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, with an emphasis on retro fashions. This may be due in part from the influence of hipster subculture, and the television series Mad Men, which repopularized 1960s fashions in general, In addition to metal and plastic, glasses frames also come in unique materials like buffalo horn. Choosing the right material for your eyeglass frames isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about comfort, too. Although less common, a material like buffalo horn might be right for you.

Buffalo horn glasses is naturally lightweight and very comfortable to wear and important to those of us who wear eyeglasses all day long. You’ll also find that buffalo horn frames warm up to body temperature, and are hypoallergenic which makes them even more wearable. Available in exclusive boutiques, Handmade buffalo horn eyeglasses are handcrafted and require occasional conditioning. We offer complimentary buffalo horn conditioning. Restore luster and shine to all buffalo horn products with regular professional conditioning, which will preserve your horn to ensure years of service. The horns are harvested from the Asian water buffalo, which are in no way endangered; further, the horn can be harvested without harming the animal.

Natural Buffalo horn eyeglasses frames are extremely light, very comfortable to wear, pleasing to the touch and suitable for many skin allergy sufferers. Horn plate is a lightweight, comfortable and beautiful frame material that is able to command such a high price.  While horn from Asian water buffalo is plentiful, few manufacturers have the skill to transform horn into eyewear. Only the most skilled workers at the best frame fabricators have the capability of carving and polishing horn materials in a manner suitable for luxury eyewear. Just as all horns in nature have differences in color, pattern and striations, ranging from subtle to significant, each pair of handmade horn eyeglasses is a little bit different than the next.

While horn frame glasses might not be worn with beehive hairdos anymore, these natural horn frames have stayed in the spotlight for decades for good reason. We offer dozens of frames in this vintage style. These glasses aren't all fun and games, though, you can still add all the lens coatings and options you need to not only make them fashionable but functional, as well.

We offer high quality horn rimmed glasses mens that are designed according to the preferences of the gentleman. These are made from superior grade raw material to ensure optimum quality in the final product with fast delivery time. Buffalo horn optical frames are also available in various colors such as black, Brown, Light White, Beige, Dark and Medium Brown as require designs & sizes to suit your face shape. In addition, browse out website heading shortcut key to find your horn rimmed reading glasses.

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