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Color sun lenses improve your depth perception and reduce eye fatigues in different environments. Our tints are able to block UV lights, eliminate blinding glares and provide you with the best comfort outdoors under different weather conditions.

Mirror sun lenses have a reflective coating on the surface of the lenses, thus giving them a shiny mirror-like appearance that reflects rays from surfaces such as water, snow and ice. Other than reducing glare like polarization does, the lenses still retain the contrast which is ideal for any activities like fishing/water sports etc. that are held in bright sunlight.

Polarized sun lenses are the only polarized lenses that have met all the required performance standards. They provide the best vision in bright sunlight to make your outdoor activities more enjoyable, let you see the true color, and ensure safe driving.

Polarized mirror sun lenses are the blend of two of the best. They simply have the benefits of mirror sun lenses plus polarized sun lenses. They knock out excessive light and block intense glare while bringing you picture-perfect vision well fit in any daily environment.

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