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The outdoors really is great. You can simply kick back in a hammock, read a book, listen to music, just relax and breathe some fresh air under the blue sky. Or you can have your toes dug into the sand and have a chilling day on the beach! Or have some quality time with your family, have your kids play ball together with their friends for a backyard game of soccer or football, or go do some voluntary work like clean up a park, or have some great grilling fun! No matter what your outdoor activity is, never overlook the urgency of protection (other than sunscreen)—shades for your eyes.

At Glasses Gallery, we offer you high-quality functional lenses to help you embrace nature. From road to trail to water to snow, our NXT lenses allow you to experience sports at a level you have never thought possible. What's more, these lenses are not just for outdoor activities but offer you the optimal comfort for everyday wear. NXT lenses use a material called Trivex which is thin and amazingly lightweight, blocks 100% UV, gives you clear vision and optimal safety as its impact resistance is many times the FDA requirement. Trivex is the core of every NXT lens and was originally developed for the US military. In other words, your eyes are well protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays, and if unfortunately, you are to have a fall, to hit or be hit by any objects, the chance of your lenses to be broken is kept to a minimum. This is of ultimate importance as you never want shattered glass pieces to go in your eyes. Having applied the state-of-the-art technology in optical products, NXT lenses are designed to deliver a rich visual experience and optimal safety to match the physical demands of your outgoing lifestyles.

You are the outdoor enthusiast and you see nothing as an obstacle. So never let prescription stand in your way. Using cutting-edge technology, NXT lenses can incorporate the same Light Translation Technology in a prescription format. The NXT Outdoor lenses are designed to enhance the visual spectrum available in natural environments. What it does is cutting down the harsh, direct sunlight and lighting up the details in shadow. Say when you hike in the mountain under the sun, the dazzling sunlight you perceive will not be as bright and when you walk into the shadowed forest, the little details will be brightened up to let you see and react better. In other words, the entire view around you is made clearer while your eyes will be less strained at the same time.

Nature is really just right on your doorstep, to grab the outdoor fun is made much easier and healthier with our help!

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