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When you go shooting, you know well you have to protect yourself. You need a pair of sunglasses that provide a Scratch-Resistant hard coat and built-in ultraviolet light protection. Many people might have mistakenly thought the Scratch-Resistant Coating is hard enough to protect the eyes, but what you need is impact resistance to provide you with maximum "blow-back" and "bounce back" protection.

At Glasses Gallery, we offer you lenses of great functionality to aid your shooting habits. From road to trail to water to snow, our NXT lenses allow you to experience sports at a level you have never thought possible. What's more, these lenses are not just for outdoor activities but offer you the optimal comfort for everyday wear. NXT lenses use a material called Trivex which is thin and amazingly lightweight, blocks 100% UV, gives you clear vision and optimal safety as its impact resistance is many times the FDA requirement. Trivex is the core of every NXT lens and was originally developed for the US military. In other words, your eyes are well protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays, and if there is any "blow back" or "bounce back," your risk of being injured is being much lowered by the high impact-resistant lenses as compared to normal lenses with "hard coatings." Having applied the state-of-the-art technology in optical products, NXT lenses are designed to deliver a rich visual experience and optimal safety to match the physical demands of your high-performance lifestyles.

NXT lenses are powered by Light Translation Technology to offer you superior optical clarity so that when you have any outdoor activities, you can get an uninhibited view of the world ahead of you. To top that is NXT exclusive photochromic technology that enables lenses to respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint from lighter to darker. So instead of the static sun lenses, yours can dynamically control the transmittance to greatly enhance your visual experience with maximum comfort and performance.

You are the passionate shooter and you see nothing as an obstacle. So never let prescription stand in your way. Using cutting-edge technology, NXT lenses can incorporate Light Translation Technology in a prescription format. The NXT Orange Blaze lenses are ideal for shooting. Since orange comes in somewhat between red, brown, and yellow lenses, and as such, works well in darker, cloudy weather. The NXT Orange Blaze lenses are perfect for hazy, cloudy days but note that, they are not made for bright, sunny days. The orange color blocks haze and that's why most shooters are comfortable with this color, and since the haze is gone, the red/orange color of the target is greatly enhanced for your best performance. Now that we have geared you up for your leisure indulgence, it's time for you to give it a shot!

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