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Glasses Gallery progressive lenses are true "multifocal" lenses that provide a smooth, seamless progression of multiple lens powers for clear vision across all distances.

Progressive lenses let you see different distances, including at arm's length for computer use, far away and up close for reading a book. Progressive lenses resemble more closely your natural vision before you needed more than one lens power for your eyes. Progressives provide a smooth progression from one lens power to another, without the glasses wearer having to move their head.

Many people over 40 who suddenly need glasses for reading find progressive lenses more comfortable than bifocal lenses and easier to adjust to. And progressive lenses don’t have a line across the lens. This is especially welcome if you don’t want to show the world you have age-related farsightedness or presbyopia, which bifocals may suggest. The line-free appearance provides a more youthful look making progressive lenses a popular choice.

People always spend much time to try and get the perfect frames but ignore the need for the right choice of lenses. The quality of lenses you choose affect a lot on how satisfied you feel about your eyeglasses and how happy you are with your corrected vision.

At Glasses Gallery, our progressive lenses come with many models, the conventional ones include: Genius, Mini Pro, SII and ECO, with the advancement in technology, we also have the free-form designed lenses available: NECO, Precision, iFree and Smart Evolution.

Choose clear or Transitions lenses

Our clear glasses lenses provide excellent vision with long-lasting performance and easy-to-clean convenience. All lenses, even clear lenses, are finished with Anti-Reflective and scratch-resistant coatings, and provide UVA/UVB protection.

Transitions lenses offer the best UV protection and the best light control technology for double protection against UV and glare every day. They allows only the right amount of light to go through the lenses to enhance your vision and seamlessly adapt to the changing light the environment to make sure your vision is always comfortable. Transitions lenses provide just the right amount of tint outdoors, offering a distinct advantage over regular clear lenses.

All our lenses including progressive lenses come with FREE coatings and the option to have Transitions lenses, so you can enjoy the best possible vision and optical care.

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