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While many people choose colored sunglasses lenses purely for aesthetic reasons, the different colors actually have functions to customize to your needs. Different colors enhance your depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in different environments to protect your eyes. If high performance in various sports and activities tops your priority list, you need to choose the ideal lenses color to enhance your performance.


At Glasses Gallery, we provide various colors and options for your prescription sunglasses including normal tint and gradient tint. Our tints are able to block more than 90% of UV light, eliminate blinding glare and provide you the best comfort. Our prescription sun color lenses are available in Single Vision and High Definition Progressive.

We offer color sun lenses in five colors:

Blue Brown Green Grey Pink
  • Fashionable
  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Reduce glare
  • Help to see contours
  • Improve color perception
  • Improve contrast
  • Contain a red element to enhance depth perception
  • Transmit all colors evenly
  • Good for general purpose use
  • Dim glare while brightening shadows
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Good for general purpose use
  • True color perception
  • Dark enough to provide overall protection
  • Reduce glare, especially off water
  • Enhance visual depth
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Provide good road visibility
  • Comforting to the eyes
  • Help adjust contrast

Outdoor leisure, fishing/water sports, and golf

Driving/racing, golf, fishing/water sports, Golf, outdoor sports (green field), shooting, tennis

All outdoor activities

Driving/racing, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, fishing/water sports, and all other outdoor activities

Driving/racing, cycling

Weather Conditions
Good in foggy/hazy and snowy conditions Sunny to partly cloudy conditions Sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, foggy/hazy Good for all weather conditions, from sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, foggy/hazy, low light, to snowy Partly cloudy, cloudy, snowy

Glassesgallery lens info image - Sun lens


Gradient lenses are darkest at the top of the lens and progressively become lighter. Gradient, when referring to sunglass lenses, means darkening by regular degrees (where the tint deepens gradually throughout the lens.) The shift in tint protects your eyes from the sun, while allowing greater visibility at the bottom of each lens. The amount of coverage depends on the tint color and how dark the lens is tinted. These eyeglass lenses are great for driving because the upper half of the lens shields your eyes from the sun, but the lower part isn't as deeply tinted making it easier to see your dashboard.

Gradient lenses are ideal for indoor to outdoor situations, say if you go shopping in the mall or run to the supermarket for grocery shopping. You can simply utilize the lower part of the lens when you shop and the upper part when you head outside. You could also consider a gradient lens tint for hiking. While they protect your eyes from the sun filtering through the trees, they also allow you to see clearly what is at your feet, avoiding tripping over rocks.

We offer sun lenses in 3 gradient tints:

Glassesgallery lens info image - Sun lens
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