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Eyeglass Lenses with Anti-Reflective Coating, (also called AR coating, enhance vision by reducing reflection and increase transmission of light. AR coating can also reduce eye strain, improve the cosmetic appearance of your glasses, and make thick lenses look thinner.

Anti reflective coating

AR coating does this by virtually eliminating reflections from the front and back surfaces of eyeglass lenses. With reflections gone, more light passes through your lenses to optimize visual acuity with fewer distractions, thus making your lenses look almost invisible. This is how AR coating boosts your appearance, by drawing more attention to your eyes and facial expressions; it makes you look your best in all lighting conditions.

What's more, it offers you greater comfort during prolonged computer use and for drivers, it works especially well at night to bring you visual benefits like sharper vision with less glare when driving.


A scratch-resistant coating is a thin film of hard coatings on the surface of plastic lenses to protect against careless handling to prolong your lenses life. Kids' lenses, in particular, benefit from scratch-resistant hard coating for extra durability. However no scratch-resistant coating can 100% protect your lenses from scratches from daily wear and tear.

To avoid scratching your lenses, wash them only with water and neutral detergent to wash away any grease and then wipe them dry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Never use paper products like paper towels or tissues, abrasive cleaners, glass cleaners, or other solvents as these can scratch, weaken, or crack the lenses.


Lens coatings

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers, and smart phones. Researchers believe that extensive exposure to blue light, which is emitted from such digital devices, can result in macular degeneration and retina damage. Other potential hazards associated with blue light include eye fatigue, blurred vision, headache, sleep disorders. So, if you get rid of blue light, you may improve visual comfort and free yourself from the blues, bringing your everyday life back on track.

Blue Block coating usually has a minimal tint which can be worn full time for all activities. This is also crucial to kids' eyeglasses. Make sure any lenses you ordered come with Anti-Reflective coating as well as Blue Block coating to well protect your children's eyes from the high-energy blue light they are exposed to, almost every day, by today's standard.

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