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Titanium glasses

Best Titanium Glasses

Titanium is a silver-colored metal with low density and high strength. Because of its strength, malleability and resistance to corrosion, it has found many industrial, military, automotive, electronics and other applications. These properties make it an ideal material for creating durable glasses frames. Titanium glasses frames are also lightweight and comfortable. In glasses frames, it can be used alone or alloyed with iron, aluminum and several other materials.

Titanium is reliable enough to be used in cars, prosthetics, spaceships and more. Yet, it surprisingly lightweight, making it perfect for all types of prescriptions eyeglasses. The titanium prescription eyeglasses are light, stiff, and strong. Titanium lightweight eyeglasses are also hypo-allergenic, meaning that this type of eyewear will not irritate your skin over time. Titanium glasses resist corrosion from facial acids, and retains its color much better than other types of metals used in eyeglasses frames.

These titanium frame eyeglasses are often displayed in rectangle shapes and can be found in full rim, semi-rimless, and rimless styles. Most of these frames follow a classic style, though pops of color, design elements, and personality can be found in many of these frames. Eyeglasses with titanium frames are a little more expensive than glasses with steel, acetate and other types of frames. But the long-term benefits of titanium frames far outweigh the difference in costs. As always, select from our many lens options before checkout to add to your frames.

Titanium Mens Eyeglasses Frames

Men prefer titanium glasses men frames, Titanium is an amazing material that is significantly lighter and stronger than other metals. These qualities make it ideal for use in eyeglass frames. Titanium frames do have some drawbacks, however. For example, it is impossible to adjust the original shape of the titanium glasses, so manufacturers combine other alloys into the frames so they can be adjusted. Also, titanium becomes brittle at cold temperatures, so they are not well suited for cold climates, or for leaving out in the cold as they could break more easily than other eyeglass frame materials. Men also prefer titanium rimless glasses because from a fashion perspective,the rimless frames provide a very minimalistic and subtle look with wearers feeling more mature as a result.

Titanium Womens Eyeglasses Frames

These ultra-light glasses have rounded rectangular titanium frames with a matte metallic brown finish. The thin temples are accented with the Iconic branded logo and end with tortoise acetate tips. These beautiful women glasses are great for extended wear as they are comfortable and stylish.These and other titanium rimless eyeglasses frames are ideal for everyday wear because they are strong, durable and require very little maintenance. They are also available in many different colors and designs that give you a very cool, stylish and fashionable look.

Placing Your Order Online at Glasses Gallery

Get your titanium eyeglasses in the perfect style to match your personality. We offer titanium eyeglasses frames the entire family, with a vast selection for men, women and children. Our site maps provide you all the information such as hundreds of styles, frames, sizes and colors to choose from when you browse our websites. We need your PD (pupillary distance) and your face shape wearing the glasses is required for us to make your glasses.  All glasses include free anti-scratch coating, single vision lens, UV protection, trendy glasses case, and cleaning cloth. We make it possible to purchase these high quality eyeglasses with free shipping and affordable price that can fit into any budget.

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