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Tortoise glasses

Tortoise eyeglasses are frames that mimic the look of real turtles and have a speckled look. The distinctive pattern has mottled yellow, honey and brown shell spots, very similar to how certain turtles look like. Compared to block black or any other solid colour frame, tortoise shell frames are much softer on the face and will complement your complexion better.

One fact about tortoise shell glasses will keep you up at night: the tortoise shell pattern used to be specific to retro glasses and vintage jewelry or ornaments that were made  out of the shell of real hawksbill turtles.This way of making pair of glasses and other objects would be considered highly unethical today. Authentic tortoise frames are actually specific to the vintage 50’s style, but the unethical animal-made versions first appeared on the eyewear market in the early 20’s.It wasn’t until the 50’s when they really took off, thanks to the world famous Ray Ban aviators. The practice of using real turtles for making accessories was banned in 1970.

Modern Stylish Tortoise Shell Glasses are Legal

Thankfully to modern tech advances in the plastic manufacturing industry, you are now able to get the very same tortoise shell look without the worry of a single living being.The most common material to represent the much-coveted tortoise shell patterned look is acetate, so you can feel easy knowing that no turtle has been hurt in making your beloved glasses

Tortoise shell glasses suit guys and mens tortoise shell glasses are available from our online store. However, there are so many fashion conscious men out there who love the style but are unsure of whether the look is right for them or not. When it comes to men wearing this frame style, there is still an unanswered “taboo” question: can they wear tortoise?

Ladies have long worn them, and admittedly, the style is very popular amongst them.

However, tortoise glasses women is simply a pattern; what makes frames masculine or feminine remains in their look and how you wear them. So, don’t hold back your light tortoise shell glasses just yet! The wide range of tortoise shell glasses women are also available from our online store.

What everyone should know about the tortoise shell style is that it’s completely unisex. The pattern looks flattering on both men and women. If you want to go with a more subtle look that’s not full on tortoise shell, try a semi rimless, browline type of frames, like Astor. The tortoise browline will complement your skin tone and eyes, all while not taking all the attention on the pattern.

Buy Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

Visit our online store to find your perfect tortoise eyewear. Once you find it, we can make the prescription glasses for you. All you need to do is to provide your prescription include pd pupillary distance and also your face shape to our website. We will send you the order with free shipping once it is ready.

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