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Tortoise sunglasses

Tortoise glasses are a type of eyeglasses. Originally made out of either horn or tortoiseshell, for most of their history they have actually been constructed out of thick plastics designed to imitate those materials. They are characterized by their bold appearance on the wearer's face, in contrast to metal frames, which appear less pronounced.

Tortoise glasses were one of the first styles of eyeglasses to become a popular fashion item, after comedian Harold Lloyd began wearing a round pair in his films. The glasses have enjoyed various periods of popularity throughout the 20th century (from 1920) to early 21st (2010s) centuries with an emphasis on retro fashions.

Tortoise shell glasses are an indispensable part in your wardrobe. The bright tortoise design is made for a fashionista, including both men and women. The trendy shape makes them suitable for the majority of wearers, such cat-eye, wayfarer and round. There are two kinds of frames you can choose from, plastic and acetate. Either one is recommended due to their superior quality and lightweight so as to avoid much pressure on your nose and temples.

High-fashion ray bans tortoise shell sunglasses are perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your look. Tortoise shell sunglasses are always a classic and go well with every type of complexion. Available in many different shades of yellow and brown, your high-fashion sunglasses exude luxury and will turn at least a few heads wherever you go.The green and yellow colors of this frame are a unique twist on the traditional tortoise shell pattern.  The oversized, rounded lenses and the added touch of gold at the temples make these sunglasses glamorous and luxurious.

The women tortoise shell sunglasses in a classic Retro-Wingtip style are definitely on-trend. One of the most versatile shapes for sunglasses, these can be dressed down or dressed up for any summer event. The Retro-Wingtip shape of these tortoise shell sunglasses give off a definite retro vibe. Great for women, these sunglasses will be a staple of your summertime wardrobe.

Authentic tortoise sunglasses womens are actually specific to vintage 50’s style, but the unethical animal-made versions first appeared on the eyewear market in the early 20’s.

Today, the most common material to represent the much-coveted tortoises shell look is Acetate, so, you will be proud to know that no turtle was harmed in making your beloved pair. In fact, the practice of using real turtles for making accessories was banned in 1970.

Mens tortoise shell sunglasses are dubbed tortoise shell frames because they are reminiscent of real turtle shells, with their all-around specked look. The patterns come in mottled yellow, honey and brown shell spots, similar to that of a turtle. An aesthetic fact when compared to black or any other solid colour frame, the designer sunglasses with tortoise shell frames are much softer on the face and they supplement your complexion better.

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