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What is a Polarized Lens?

Polarized lenses contain millions of parallel rows of tiny iodine crystals or dichroic dyes (so small they can't be seen with the naked eye) that act like window blinds. The horizontal rows of iodine crystals contained within the polarized lens block out horizontal polarized light waves, letting only (non-polarized) vertical light waves reach the eye. This results in comfortable vision with no glare, and is the reason why only a polarized lens can block glare.

Our extensive Polarized Sun lenses are designed for outdoor activities no matter is going for golf, tennis running, cycling, shooting or ...... These polarized lenses are perfect to use under the sun for any outdoor activities. The lenses are finely crafted to offer the best possible visual experience, even in harsh direct sunlight, providing contrast and brightening the details.

What is glare?

Light waves travel in all directions: some light travels in horizontal waves, while others in vertical. When light hits a surface, usually the light waves are absorbed and/or reflected in a random manner. However, when light hits a reflective surface like water, snow, even cars or buildings at the right angle where the vertical light waves are absorbed and the horizontal light waves bounce off the surface, glare is then created, or we say some of the light becomes "polarized."

Glare can seriously interfere with your vision not only make you feel uncomfortable but can result in deadly consequences (imagine when you are driving). And only polarized sun lenses can help remove glare just like your window blind block out the sunlight for you.

At Glasses Gallery we offer polarized sun lenses, the best all-around sun lenses with proven quality plus the glare and UV block you need.

Polarized sun lenses may be right for you if you:

To block glare, people always have a misconception that they simply need a pair of ordinary tinted sunglasses. The truth is ordinary tinted sunglasses only cut down ambient light that reaches your eyes; they cannot block glare. Only polarized lenses do.

Polarized sun lenses:

Polarized sun lenses also enhance color and depth perception, along with clarity and contrast of objects. Depending on the color you choose, color and depth perception may be enhanced even better. For example, brown is known to improve contrast and contain a red element to enhance depth perception, thus is the preferred color for driving. Our polarized sun lenses are available in brown, green, and grey; single vision and progressive; available in both prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses.

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