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Buy Toddler Glasses at Glasses Gallery

Glasses Gallery offers a range of toddler eyeglasses for your newborn babies. We've got you covered with top quality prescription lenses which help your kids to regain clear vision.

Best toddler frames and lenses

We love our children so much, that we would do anything for them. That’s natural for any parent. Our toddlers are the joy of our life even if sometimes, it can be the most tiring experience, dealing with.

The health and happiness of our toddlers are at the top of our list and we always do our best to offer them the best we can.

Despite our best efforts to protect our children, they are constantly exposed to risks beyond our complete control.

Add the fact that they go out on the playground or at kindergarten, school and the risks of accidents, getting pushed or even worse, bullied, make any parent be worried about the safety and wellbeing of their toddler.

In the past 30 years, most toddlers did not need eyeglasses as much as today, as exposure to electronics was considerably less than nowadays. Perhaps statistically, the number of toddlers was smaller...though with the growing population, and the extensive use of electronic devices with colorful screens for a large variety of fields, whether for personal use, education or work, more and more of us and our toddlers are exposed to them.

Reduced use of such electronics by the little ones is a solution that not only protects their eyes but also helps them be more creative by using more their imagination. But this is not a perfect solution.

What can we do to help more?

A simple option and most obvious one is keeping a close look at our children and noticing the signs that they are having difficulty seeing their surroundings. They might be holding objects very close to their eyes or having difficulty grabbing objects as if it does not naturally adjust to the distance of the object your toddler tries to pick. 

You should try to take them to an eye specialist once in a while for a check-up. It is not cheap or easy on the little ones to stay still at the doctors’ office, but the benefits of catching on time any visual deficiency are tremendous. Some might need a short time for eye correction, while some vision deficiencies if caught in time, can be reduced or stopped from drastically aggravating without any treatment.

Try reducing the time they spend in front of the phone/tablet or TV. We all make this mistake to let them watch cartoons or play games in order to get a moment of silence to rest.

Choose children’s eyes and not the easy option of getting some silence. Better to ask someone’s help to keep an eye on the little one while having a rest or some well deserved “me time”. Grandparents enjoy spending time with the little ones and both get to benefit from the well-spent time together.

Options of glasses and lenses

For glasses to choose when it comes to our needs, we can easily find many options and solutions. Kid’s glasses make us think of extra features we don’t immediately look for when it comes to our personal needs.

Glasses Gallery offers a large variety of toddler glasses from various reputable brands, such as Tomato Glasses with amazing adjustability and flexibility, Julbo which offers great frames for outdoor activities, Thomas & Friends, plus many more. 

With so many eyewear options for prescription, we also offer quality prescription lenses, single vision, with blue light filter coating and some extra free coatings such as FDA impact resistance coating, UV protection, easy to clean, scratch-resistant and Premium anti-reflective coating.

With such a variety of options for prescription glasses, we have also a short, but of high quality, collection of sports glasses and kid’s sunglasses at amazing prices. In our sunlens protection category, the options available are sturdy enough to be used as sunglasses for trail running, cycling or simply for your toddler to wear them while outdoors enjoying nature to it’s fullest.

All our children’s glasses are of high quality and great price and all our prescription glasses can also be purchased with simple monthly payments, interest-free.

Not to forget that we have also some minimalist frame options that would complement your toddler while making them comfortable wearing eyeglasses.

Real-world expectation

Most of us have heard how difficult is to make a toddler or even a teenager to take care of the glasses that they receive and are expected to use for a year until the next prescription update.

They are growing fast, full of life and eager to explore the world and absorb more knowledge every second. But glasses won’t always keep the pace as great as we expect. Toddlers are not aware of the importance of the glasses and teenagers...well, they’re teenagers.

Our selection of glasses is specifically made for toddlers and am not referring to the frames made specifically for a toddler to use, such as Julbo, Tomato Glasses, MirFlex, plus many others. We make the lenses of high-quality materials to withstand most of the expected used and some of the unexpected.

Yes, it does not mean they are break free and zero damage frames and lenses. As much as technology and material development have evolved, there is no such frame or lens 100% damage proof. But fear not my dear parents, we have made the best frames and lenses available on the market to have the lowest price possible. 

If the lowest price possible is not enough, we do our best to bring new sales/promotions on that will reduce even more the price.

Our aim at Glasses Gallery is to provide quality products at everyday prices, and we do our best always to find ways to reduce even more the price. Getting the right pair of glasses for your toddler shouldn’t break a bank.

Take into consideration the option to split the payment without any interest, for the entire pay and the cost of any glasses becomes less f a burden at those times when you might be short on cash. 

What one needs to remember is that making sure our toddlers benefit from the best we can offer is not as difficult for everything we need to offer. 

A continuous look for vision deficiency, regular eye check-ups, quality frames and lenses will help them grow at their best and have you as a parent happy knowing you’ve done your best to help whenever and however was needed.

Us here at Glasses Gallery we will do our best to support you as parents however we can when it comes to eyeglasses. If you are having a hard time finding glasses for your toddler, you can always reach us via our email at or by filling up the form on our website.

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