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Awesome Children Sunglasses only at Glasses Gallery

Which kid doesn’t want to be cool? Every cool kid on the block wants a new pair of Ray Ban kids sunglasses to show off. If you have been looking for a pair of glasses for your boys and girls, look no further as Glasses Gallery has them all. But, if your child has never worn glasses before, you may want to start with something a little more innocuous. Children sunglasses and eyeglasses usually come in two materials - plastic or metal.

Plastic and acetate frames have a lot of advantages from a style perspective. There are many more colors to choose from, and if you have a stronger prescription, the thicker edge of the plastic frame will hide the lens thickness.  The thicker plastic frames create more of an aura, either to inundate or exaggerate or hide features, which could be very useful in certain situations.

Metal frames are usually more sturdy and malleable, and it offers a more subdued look with the usual suspects of matte colors including black and silver. The thin outlines understate the facial features, and for those who love the rimless collection, you will find them in metal, usually titanium.

Whether you prefer plastic or metal is just a matter of preference, but the lenses that go into the frames? They matter. Lenses could mean the difference between sufficient protection and getting the eyes sizzled. To protect your child from harmful UV, you will want lense that offer UVB protection.

Kids Polarized Sunglasses

Here at Glasses Gallery, the theme is choice - the choice of frames and the choice of prescription polarized lenses. Since we reach out to source kids glasses from around the world, popular brands such as Tomato Glasses and Dimmi are a staple of our shop. If you are looking for kids aviator sunglasses, we have them too.

If you have trouble reading and seeing long distances, then progressive lenses are what the doctor ordered. Progressive glasses let natural eyesight return to your eyes with lens crafting technology that progressively turns distance viewing into near viewing.

Sunglasses for kids

Going on an outdoor adventure? We have the perfect apparel for the eyes. Our sunglasses for boys and girls come in different shapes and sizes, but all feature UV protection lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and many of the elements the wilderness throws at you.

Playing in the sun with quality protection
Kids need to be out in the sun rather than playing video games indoors, but the harsh sunlight will always be a concern. Fortunately, we offer high quality designer glasses and lenses, including Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Tomato Glasses, Mirafex, and Oakley kids sunglasses. Whether you are thinking of sunglasses for boys or sunglasses for girls, Glasses Gallery has all your outdoor eyewear needs.

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