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Cazal Eyewear

Cazal legends

When passion for a product is reflected in the design, there is no-one like Cari Zalloni (1937-2012), whose eyewear designs became a cult in the 80s. Designer Cari Zalloni was a visionary who revolutionised eyewear design and created trends that were way ahead of their time, second to none. He crafted an extraordinary style that polarised opinions and has cast a spell over his fans to this day.

CAZAL defined the typical hip-hop look of the 80s like no other brand. Some of the legendary designs from that era are still trendsetting even now. Eyewear lovingly nicknamed “Cazzy” by its fans.The creative genius of the charismatic designer Cari Zalloni carries on, even after his sudden death in 2012. Inspired by him, his design team will continue to create a collection that sets standards and immortalises his spirit.

CAZAL does its utmost to make life hard for the makers of fakes and protect the original quality of CAZAL Eyewear for you. If you want to make sure that the eyewear you are buying is authentic we will be glad to help. To be on the safe side, buy only originals from our Online Store.

The Models Cazal design

Cazal Design does not follow the mainstream, instead it always finds new ways. The result: original eyewear models with a high recognition value. Often striking and always unusual.Whether for men or women: Cazal glasses is stylishly composed and beguile with its very own character, statement Cazal frames and Cazal sunglasses designed for people for whom individuality and extravagance are part of their life. Yet Cazal defines style not just in design: the use of first-class materials like matte black finishing, Cazal shades design, pure titanium or gold and the lavish processing of them guarantee the highest quality.

Cazal Eyeglasses

CAZAL eyeglasses frames are not limited to conservative style. They give a little something extra. Starting in the 80’s as a luxury brand, the oversized, square shape and brash gold rims and nose bridge revolutionized the hip hop scene. Cazal reading glasses and Cazal clear glasses and these vintage frames are timeless.

We offer discounted prices of prescription lenses with your CAZAL eyeglasses frames and prescription glasses orders. If you’re looking to find the perfect CAZAL frames with reduced price, we will offer cheap Cazal glasses for you. Our Cazal sunglasses prices is the most competitive in the luxurious brands.The most trendy Cazal sunglasses men and Cazal glasses men are also available at our online store. Wide range of CAZAL design sunglasses are guaranteed 100 authentic, and we offer a safe and efficient means of purchase.

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