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Giorgio Armani

About Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the brand labels under the Armani umbrella. The brand conveys a sophisticated, elegant and high-end luxury image. The brand’s identity is elegant, sophisticated and exclusive. The brand’s advanced technology provides you with the best levels of comfort and function, and the high-quality craftsmanship and exclusive materials add to the appeal.

When you think about high fashion that embodies luxury and good taste, what’s the first brand you think of? For most, it’s Armani, a staple of style for over 40 years. Designers have taken their collection to the next level by offering a range of Giorgio Armani eyewear that’s polished, sophisticated, and incredibly handsome.

The Giorgio Armani brand markets heavily toward men, however many of their frames are crafted to be perfect unisex options. Trending toward the classics that never die, you’ll see neutral colors and fine details that will be the finishing touch on any outfit you wear.

Both ophthalmic and sunglass options fill out their collection, and while they gear their styles toward modern individuals, you won’t see anything overly trendy in this designer eyewear collection. It makes sure to use high-quality metals and acetate to ensure their frames perform well day in and day out.

Giorgio Armani Eyewear

Attracting trendsetters and fashionistas this brand offers contemporary fashion with classic designs. Unlike Emporio Armani collection, Giorgio Armani eyewear focuses on the modern classicism style instead of urban glamour. The result of the design is a beautiful crafted frame that looks understated but has been created with significant care and precision.

You can really see the amount of quality that the craftsmen put into the making of the frames. Modern classicism, in simple terms, means a classic style with a modern twist. Think rectangle frame shapes and thin temples, typical features of a ‘classic’ frame. Then think plastic, with splashes of colour and a matte finish; this turns the ‘classic’ frame into something modern and edgy. Those who love this eyewear would have a sophisticated taste; luxury, quality, craftsmanship are at the top of your priority list in everything you own.

Giorgio Armani Eyeglasses

Giorgio Armani Eyewear is the embodiment of elegance into simplicity. For those who know and believe in the brand as an icon of fashion, the Giorgio Armani eyewear line presents a loyal representation of classical looks. It is characterized by the quality of its products and the uniqueness of its designs. Armani eyewear is produced by the world leader in eyeglass frame manufacturing.

The Giorgio Armani brand has an incomparable and timeless sense of style. Armani’s vision of the world of creative design is not just about turning heads, but about leaving a lasting impression. Pure lines, intrinsic elegance and care for details are the elemental concepts underlying all of Giorgio Armani’s iconic designs as well as of its eyewear styles.

Giorgio Armani Prescription Eyeglasses

Giorgio Armani’s prescription glasses are a legacy of Italian design. This elegant fashion brand is timeless. Giorgio Armani eyeglasses have a matchless presence and are a comfortable accessory for your everyday look. The minimalist frames are perfect for all men and women. Giorgio Armani glasses frames are frames for life. It's an investment that keeps on giving, in both design and quality. The durable material will catch the eye but its utility is certainly its greatest benefit.

Corrective eyewear must not only provide the right prescription lens but must also have two essential properties: high quality and stylish design. With the linear collection of the Giorgio Armani glasses mens, you receive pure elegance and full rim or half rim frames that perfectly complement the shape of your face. This choice proves subtly your sophisticated fashion awareness. High-quality plastic, exquisite metal and careful workmanship stand for a long durability. Varifocal Giorgio Armani frames offer the maximum wearing comfort from early to late in the day due to their lightweight and perfect fit.

When buying elegant Giorgio Armani eyeglasses frames, you are buying timeless and sleek jewellery that suits every outfit or occasion perfectly. More and more, these modern glasses are turning into fashion accessories. The traditional stylistic features of Giorgio Armani eyewear are not only never out of fashion, they are also particularly trendy.

Emphasise your style with popular panto glasses in the style of the 1920s. The Giorgio Armani frames picked up this classic with round, slightly flattened lenses in characteristic plastic frames in either black or dark brown tones. Wear your glasses as an expressive statement or be just as fashion-conscious with subtle panto glasses with a delicate metal frame.

The increasingly popular metal glasses also include round designs in the style of John Lennon. The minimalist Giorgio Armani eyeglasses mens with delicate metal frames are extremely expressive: accentuate your cool elegance with a delicate silver frame, stand out with luxurious gold or be an extrovert in stylish brown.

The exclusive range of Men eyeglasses also includes Aviators, with Giorgio Armani redesigning the double strap and classic droplet shape subtly. Casual, dynamic and yet absolutely elegant, this model combines good looks and the ultimate wearing comfort.

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