Night Vision Driving Lenses

Night Vision Driving Lenses

Driving at night is a completely different beast from driving during the day. The odd combination of darkness, intermittent streetlights, and blinding headlights make it less enjoyable, and sometimes
that much more dangerous if you take the absentminded wildlife into account.

10 years ago when Subaru became popular, every single one of them was installed with bright blue HID headlights. In the daytime, nobody would care, but at night, those lights blinded every
driver in the opposite lane. It’s a hassle which was not, and is still not, properly regulated. This is why we, as drivers, need to protect ourselves from these harsh lights.

Glasses Gallery Night Driving Lens makes it all easier for your eyes. The lens reduces the all-important glare and flashes that distract our eyes from focusing on the road. You will no longer suffer
from those Subaru headlights like the past. It also features an additional protection in UV filtering.

Why do we need UV protection at night? You ask.

UV sources are all around us. They never go away. While we are only exposed to a fraction of what we receive during daytime, other sources such as high beams, halogen headlights, and xenon
headlights can be just as dangerous if they aren’t properly filtered. This is the protection that Glasses Gallery Night Driving Lens provides.

In short, you get glare protection, reflection protection, AND UV protection in one lens. With fewer distractions on the road, you can focus on your surroundings. Once you put on night driving
lenses, you will not want to go back to regular lenses.

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