Glasses Gallery Optics Solution Technology considers all the intricate details and human factors that are often overlooked in lens making.

Soft factors such as your wearing habit make a difference when you put a pair of glasses on. These factors include: how close your eyes are to the lenses, how low your glasses sit on your nose, and your eye movements when reading close up. All these unique factors are taken into consideration in our lens design and production processes. Every pair of lenses is customized to fit your personal needs and wearing habits.

Glasses Gallery Optics Solution Technology covers 4 dimensions to ensure all its lenses are tailored to the individual needs of wearers:

Personalized Wearing Parameters

The Personalized Wearing Parameters calculate the precise measurements of the frame compared to the curvature of your face and distance to your eyes. The results are taken into consideration in designing a pair of lenses that fit both your frame and your wearing habits.

Ray Tracing

This technique simulates eye movement behind the lenses, and takes multiple wearing positions into consideration. With this technique, the wearer will enjoy crisp vision in the near, intermediate and distance viewing zones. It also creates a wider field of vision and minimizes aberrations.

Step1. Eye – Lens System

Digital Ray Tracing prepares a simulation of the lens in front of the eye, considering all the information available from the wearer (tilt, wrap angle and back vertex distance)

Step2. Space Object

Digital Ray Tracing understands which areas of the lens are meant for distance, intermediate or near vision. All this information is considered during the optimization process.

Step3. Ray Tracing

Glasses Gallery's Ray Tracing techniques simulates how the eye rotates to look in different gaze directions and at different distances. For each position of the eye, it compensates the oblique aberrations of the lens at that particular point.

Thousands of rays tracings are used to optimize the back surface of the lens point by point to minimize those undesired aberrations.

Corridor Length Optimization

Unlimited frame choice with personalization

Optimal location of the near distance zone and quick adaptation of new glasses

Lifestyle Customization

The Lifestyle Customization technique enables complete personalization of progressive lenses. This personalization goes further than merely adapting to the eyeball anatomy, it also takes the wearer’s habits into account. It is precision with a human touch.

With this technique, the wearer enjoys an optimized design that takes their daily routines into account, minimizing the adaptation period, and experience smoother transition from one viewing zone to another.





What benefits do these personalized lenses offer?

With our Optics Solution Technology, you could experience quick visual-zone adaptation, crisp vision at all ranges, unbeatable comfort, and a wider field of vision. It’s not just a pair of prescription lenses; they are your personalized prescription lenses.

With these factors taken into account, you are free to choose any frame without compromising vision. We take all your parameters, and calculate the optimal curvature to create the design just for you.

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