Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide to Ordering Glasses Online

Step 1. Know your Prescription

You will need to have your prescription, an up-to-date eye prescription of less than one year is important. If you do not have a prescription handy, you can always email it to us later. If you need help reading your prescription, feel free to contact us.

Step 2. Know your PD

We encourage you to get your PD from your certified eye care provider, optometrist or eye doctor. If you don’t have it ready , don't worry , check out our DIY Guide on how to measure your PD or use our online PD Measurement Tool.

Step 3.Find a pair for glasses you love

Browse our men, women, kids and any designer brand glasses and use our filters on the left hand side of our website, to narrow down your search. Most of our glasses are featured with 3-D try on function. The 3D Try On function works like a virtual mirror allowing you to see how your favorite pair of glasses look on you .The 3-D try on function is currently supported on Windows and Android devices. iOS and mobile devices are not supported.

After you have identified your pair of favorite glasses, press the Buy now button to move on to choosing prescription lenses.

Step 4. Choose Prescription Lenses For your eyewear

It will take only 3 simple clicks to select the type of prescription lenses for your eyeglasses. Follow the below lens order process step by step

  1. Choose your lens type from Single Vision Bifocal or Progressive
  2. Choose Lens Function of either Clear , Digital Block, Transitions or Transitions Drivewear
  3. Choose Lens Thickness Options of either Standard , Thin Fit , Comfort Fit or Optimal Fit
  4. Add to cart

Step 5. Fill in your shipping and payment details to complete the process

Step 6. Prescription is required after payment is completed. You may choose to provide us with your prescription by either:

  • Input prescription data or
  • Upload your prescription image of

Send the prescription to us later by email when your information is ready.

Step 7. Have your credit card or PayPal ready. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex , Discover and PayPal.

It's as simple as that! You save all the hassles and get the glasses custom-made for you with just a few clicks.

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