Order new Precision Rx Lenses with functional Coatings Now

Now you can order quality prescription lenses for the frames you already own in 2 weeks or less, with our eyeglass lens replacement service. With just a few clicks, we will deliver new prescription lenses to your doorsteps.

Glasses Gallery, an expert in prescription lenses - for both eyeglass lenses and sunglasses lenses, offer the widest variety of lens type for any type of prescription. We offer the following lens options to cater to different corrective eyewear needs:

  • Single vision lenses – for both nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Progressive lenses
  • Lined bifocal lenses

Customized lenses for your favorite frame

You can order prescription lenses online for your old frame a few simple steps. Just send us an email to cso@glassesgallery.com, with the following information:

  1. Your prescription issued by qualified opticians or eye doctors
  2. Brand and model number of your frames (which is normally marked in the inside temple of your frames)
  3. Picture of your frames
  4. Type of lenses you would like - single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses
  5. Specific lens function that you are considering - clear lenses, digital block, day & night HD vision lenses or transition lenses.
  6. Our optometrist will recommend the appropriate corrective lens type for you, along with a quotation, within 1 business day.
  7. Please confirm the order via email, and we will send you a payment link for direct payment authorization.
  8. We will proceed with lens production upon payment confirmation.
  9. Send your frame(s) to our logistics hub. Please send your frame(s) to the appropriate center depending on your country of residence. Remember to send us the tracking number once your glasses are on their way.

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Top Quality Lenses

All our lenses meet FDA requirement. We use only high quality impact resistant lenses that come with an array of coatings, providing added protection for your eyes; at no extra charge:

Glasses Gallery prescription lenses are easy to clean, scratch resistant, impact resistant, UV-blocking, and anti-glare

  • Thin lenses: offers thin and lightweight comfort.
  • Anti-reflective coating: eliminates reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass.
  • Scratch-resistant coating: minimizes scratches on the lens surface and extend the life of the lenses. Kids' lenses especially benefit from a scratch-resistant hard coat for greater durability.
  • UV Block: UVA/B protection to safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Hydrophobic coating: lenses are less likely to get dirty or retain your fingerprints with it.

Many other eyewear stores will charge separately for these valuable features, but Glasses Gallery includes these on every qualified pair for FREE. At Glasses Gallery, these are necessities, not add-ons that cost extra.

Here is further information regarding different types of prescription lenses:

Single Vision Lenses

A single vision lens has the same power of correction across its whole surface. Single vision lenses correct one field of vision, or correct "simple" vision conditions like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, including "high correction" prescriptions.

Progressive Lenses

Glasses Gallery top premium progressive lenses are true "multifocal" lenses that provide a smooth, seamless progression of multiple lens powers for clear vision across all distances.

Progressive lenses let you see different distances, including at arm's length for computer use, far away and up close for reading a book. Progressive lenses resemble more closely your natural vision before you needed more than one lens power for your eyes. Progressives provide a smooth progression from one lens power to another.

The line-free appearance provides a more youthful look making progressive lenses a popular choice.

People always spend a lot of time to try and get the perfect frames but ignore the need for the right choice of progressive lenses. The design quality of the progressive lenses you choose can directly affect your satisfaction level with your progressive glasses and how happy you are with your corrected vision.

Lined Bifocals Lenses

Glasses Gallery bifocal lenses are designed for people who need different prescriptions for near and far vision.

Bifocals have two sections, the upper part of the lens is generally used for distance vision and the lower part is for near vision. Bifocal lenses have a very distinct line dividing the two sections. They are typically placed so that the line rests at the same height as the person's lower eyelid. Then, when the person drops his eyes downward to read, the eyes naturally seek out the near-vision section of the lens.


Lens Options and Prices for the replacement lenses

Simply add a function from our options to make your glasses do more than just bringing clear vision. We offer 5 different lens options:

  • Clear: Clean and crisp vision precisely crafted to your prescription.
  • Transitions: Transitions lenses adapt to the surrounding light levels by functioning like clear lenses indoors, and sun lenses outdoors.
  • Polarized: A special coating made for the sun lenses to reduce glare from light sources.
  • Digital block: Blocks incoming high energy blue light (HEV) that is harmful to your eyes. HEV is emitted by most digital displays.
  • Transitions Drivewear: Transitions lenses specially made for driving which tints

All prices listed are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.

Lens TypeEyeglassesSunglassesSports glasses
Single Vision $20 $30 $80
Bifocal $50 Not Available Not Available
Progressive $100 $130 Not Available

The following options add extra functions to the lenses, and the prices are added to the lens type you have chosen above.

Lens TypeEyeglasses
Clear No extra charge
Digital Block $30
Day & Night HD Vision $60
Transitions $100

Lens TypeSunglassesSport glasses
Color No extra charge No extra charge
Color Tinted Mirror $60 $100
Polarized $80 $120
Polarized Mirror $120 $150

Lens Thickness Option Prices
Standard No extra charge
Thin Fit (25% thinner than Standard) $30
Comfort Fit (30% thinner than Standard) $60
Optimal Fit (35% thinner than Standard) $100

If you have strong prescription, then you should consider higher index lenses for lighter and thinner lenses.Please ask our representatives for prices on other lens functions.

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What else do you get?

Every pair of replacement lenses comes with a Glasses Gallery case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.



  • Customer is responsible for shipping and its associated costs when sending frames to Glasses Gallery
  • Free Standard Shipping is offered to orders of total value of USD200 or above

Our shipping fees and expected shipping times are as follows.

Ship To Standard Express
Price (US$) Shipping Time Price (US$) Shipping Time
United States $15 / Free for orders over $200 14 - 30 business days $20

2 to 3 business days

(Remote areas / Countrysides will take additional 3-5 days)

Asia, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom $15 / Free for orders over $200 14 - 30 business days $30

2 to 3 business days

(Remote areas / Countrysides will take additional 3-5 days)

Other Countries $15 / Free for orders over $200 14 - 30 business days $60

2 to 3 business days

(Remote areas / Countrysides will take additional 3-5 days)


Our customer service and qualified opticians are always here to answer any question regarding your prescription lenses. Just reach out to us at cso@glassesgallery.com for any questions you have regarding prescription lenses. It's time to replace the lenses for your eyeglasses frame now!

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