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To find a pair of glasses that suit you perfectly, you must decide which geometric shape your face most resembles. Then you can start narrowing down your choice to glasses styles that flatter your face shape, whatever your lifestyle.


We’ve put together some general guidelines to help you work out which glasses frames suit your face shape. While these tips are meant to narrow down your eyewear choices to the most complementary glasses styles, don’t be afraid to break the rules.

See if you agree with our suggestions by trying on some of our glasses online with our 3D Try On

There are no fixed rules when it comes to glasses, except maybe provide us with an up to date glasses prescription, so you can see everything clearly, and see how good you look in your new glasses!

Glassesgallery lens info - Oval


An oval face is defined by balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. The face appears longer than it is wide and with slightly wider cheekbones. It is considered the ideal shape as it's the most versatile to fit. To show off this natural balance, choose oversized frames that are as wide as or wider than the broadest part of the face. Alternatively, walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or too narrow will best enhance your charisma.
Round icon


A round face is defined by a circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. Characterized by the soft, curved lines, the face has no angles and it's best to sharpen the softer features with rectangular frames to lengthen the face and widen the eyes. Make sure the bottom of the frame hits above the cheekbones to give more definition to the face. Play with frames with bold, angular lines to draw emphasis to a longer, thinner look.
Heart icon


A heart shaped face is widest at the forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw. Key features are a pointed, narrow chin and high cheekbones. To show off such a distinctive shape, choose light-colored frames, frames with thin temples, or frames with exaggerated bottoms that are slightly wider than the forehead for balance. Also consider picking frames with detailing on the lower part to make a statement.
Glassesgallery lens info - Square


A square face has a very prominent jaw line and a wide forehead, plus the width and length are in the same proportions. To soften the angular features, go with narrow frames, frames that have more width than depth, especially narrow ovals and round frames that won't overwhelm yet emphasize the eyes and elongated nose. Other curvier frames like cat eye and semi-rimless can also accentuate your eyes and merrily balance the bold jaw line.
Glassesgallery lens info - Oblong


An oblong face is longer than it is wide and the cheek line running from the temple to the jaw line is straighter and gradually wraps around a round chin. Very similar to a rectangular face but an oblong face flaunts a smoother chin and jaw line. Frames perfect for this shape would be those that have more depth than width, and decorative temples to add width to the face. Aviator frames and rectangle shapes work well to finely enhance the chiseled features of your face.
Diamond icon


A diamond face is narrow at the eye line and jaw line, and has wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. It is usually defined by a narrow forehead and cheekbones that may be high and dramatic. To wear this rare face shape proudly is to draw attention to the eyes. Frames with detailing or distinctive brow lines highlight the eyes and give this area more width and balance to the face. Be bold also to try the outsize frames that can instantly boost styles and let you stand out from the crowd.
Triangle icon


A typical triangular face has a broad forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow to a small chin. To minimize the width of the top of the face, look out for frames that are wider at the bottom, in very light colors or all in one color, and made of light material. Rimless frame styles also help, so check out small square or rounded frames to get a more balanced proportion for the face. As for a base-down triangular face that features a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas, the best way to add width to the top is to emphasize the upper third of the face. Go for frames that play intensely with colors and detailing on the top half or try cat eye shapes.

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