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Golf is an upscale hobby and gives a tremendous amount of fun. It looks simple but we all know it's hard; it's an amazing sport that challenges our limits yet takes us to paradise by blending us with nature. Those who play golf know how relaxing the feeling is but don't make us wrong, it doesn't mean we just stand there looking at the graceful scene. Golf is a sport and we are serious about it. When we play, we are persistent enough to score all the points if not to win. We know you think the same.

At Glasses Gallery, we offer you high-quality functional lenses to help you achieve your goal. From road to trail to water to snow, our NXT lenses allow you to experience sports at a level you have never thought possible. What's more, these lenses are not just for outdoor activities but offer you the optimal comfort for everyday wear. NXT lenses use a material called Trivex which is thin and amazingly lightweight, blocks 100% UV, gives you clear vision and optimal safety as its impact resistance is many times the FDA requirement. Trivex is the core of every NXT lens and was originally developed for the US military, to apply the state-of-the-art technology in optical products, NXT lenses are designed to deliver a rich visual experience and stand up to the physical demands of your high-performance lifestyles.

You are the passionate golfer and you see nothing as an obstacle. So never let prescription stand in your way. Using cutting-edge technology, NXT lenses can incorporate the same Light Translation Technology in a prescription format. The NXT Golf lenses enhance critical details of the fairway and green, suppressing visual information that is not necessary while bringing out the white of the golf ball, visually makes the ball "pop" through the Golf Tint. With the special tint ideally designed for the golf course, these lenses are engineered for the unique visual challenges, no matter in the sun or under the clouds. The NXT Golf provides you with the maximum optical clarity desired to let you achieve optimal performance and receive the ultimate comfort.

There is no overnight success in golf but we can certainly equip you with the best gear. With dedication and practice, your hard work for sure will pay off and as a bonus, you got to embrace nature with your friends and family and enjoy this sport for a lifetime.

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