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Mirror sun lenses have a reflective coating on the surface of the lenses, thus giving them a shiny mirror-like appearance that reflects rays from surfaces such as water, snow and ice. And like polarization, they reduce glare. Mirror sun lenses are good at times when too much light isn't appreciated, say, sunlight on snow. What the lenses do is to decrease the amount of light passing through the tinted lenses and into your eyes and reflect the not-too-appreciated light away to give you the comfort, so mirror lenses work best for those who are sensitive to light. Another benefit is that while they reduce glare like polarization does, they still retain the contrast which is ideal for any activities like driving/racing, fishing/water sports etc. that are held in bright sunlight.

Mirror sun lenses are typically applied in combination with an underlying sunglass tint. It's a nice mix to add just the right amount of quirky cool. But that's not it for mirrored shades. Other than glare reduction, they actually increase clarity and visibility. All Glasses Gallery eyeglass lenses are finished with an Anti-Reflective Coating and full UVA/UVB protection. Having applied an Anti-Reflective Coating to both the front and back of your lenses, the chance of backside reflection is kept to a minimum to help reduce eye strain and optimize visual acuity. Bear in mind it's always crucial nowadays to block harmful UVA/UVB to maintain the perfect health of your eyes.

The obvious advantage sun mirror lenses have over the non-mirrored is there will be no eye contact! This is a good way to lift your charismatic personality to the most unique of your own, with a shiny dash of bewilderment added. To put it plainly, it's a nice remedy if you need to hide your eyes, like you have an allergy, a cold, or you simply woke up with red and puffy eyes. To bring you the dazzling perfection, our color sun lenses come in 6 colors each with its unique front color coating and back tint: Aston, Dona, Ocean Flash, Pine Green, Pink Panther, and Tank.

Glassesgallery lens info - Mirror sun lens
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