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Exercising or any outdoor activities are good for health and we know protection against the many and varied elements is of crucial importance. Be prepared to overcome all kinds of conditions: heavy rain, bright sunshine, dusty breeze, or sandy wind. What you basically need is a pair with lenses that have 100% UVA/UVB block to protect your eyes from the harmful rays. Of course it'll be much better to go for the higher-end option and get polarized lenses to better control the blinding glare which can cause fatal consequences. Blinding glare is produced when light is reflected off smooth or shiny surfaces like roads, water, and snow. Polarized lenses can effectively control blinding glare with precision and accuracy and thus enhance the visual appearance to let you see clearly and exercise safely.

At Glasses Gallery, we offer you the best-valued lenses to aid all your exercising habits. From road to trail to water to snow, our NXT lenses allow you to experience sports at a level you have never thought possible. NXT offers you polarized lenses of supreme quality to control blinding glare by allowing you to get an uninhibited view of the world ahead of you. What's more, these lenses are not just for outdoor activities but offer you the optimal comfort for everyday wear. NXT lenses use a material called Trivex which is thin and amazingly lightweight, blocks 100% UV, gives you clear vision and optimal safety as its impact resistance is many times the FDA requirement.

You are into outdoor activities so never let prescription stand in your way. Using cutting-edge technology, NXT lenses can incorporate the same Light Translation Technology in a prescription format. The NXT Outdoor lenses are designed to enhance the visual spectrum available in natural environments. What they do are cutting down the harsh, direct sunlight and lighting up the details in shadow. Say when you run under the sun, the dazzling sunlight you perceive will not be as bright and when you run into a shadowed area such as a forest, the little details will be brightened up to let you see and react better. In other words, the entire view around you is made clearer while your eyes will be less strained at the same time.

The NXT MAX Speed lenses are specially engineered for runners facing both direct sunlight and the harsh light reflected off asphalt or any shiny areas. We know runners focus their eyes on a single spot for extended stretches, and it can be tiring and even hurting if that spot is surrounded by bright light, which at the end also affects your athletic performance. The NXT MAX Speed is scientifically tuned to reduce this high-frequency light to best safeguard your comfort, performance, and vision health.

The NXT Golf lenses enhance critical details of the fairway and green, suppressing visual information that is not necessary while making the golf ball visually "pop" through the Golf Tint. With the tint ideally designed for the golf course, these lenses are engineered for the unique visual challenges, no matter in the sun or under the clouds. The NXT Golf Lover and Action B both complement with NXT Contrast and Dynamic Brightness Control. The former greatly enhances your visual experience by controlling contrast, color, and definition to let you perform even better, while the latter with photochromic lenses respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint from lighter to darker, allowing you to translate light in any condition into maximum performance and comfort.

The NXT Orange Blaze lenses work well in darker, cloudy weather. Since orange comes in between red, brown, and yellow lenses, this color works best for activities like mountain biking on hazy, cloudy days but not for bright, sunny days.

All NXT lenses are enhanced with advanced lens treatments like anti-reflective, hydrophobic and mirror coatings to provide you with an unobstructed view of the world. Mirror coatings add much aesthetics to your appearance and are available in the color of Aston, Dona, Ocean Flash, Pine Green, Pink Panther, and Tank.

Aston: Grey tinted lens with grey mirror coating

Dona: Dark green tinted lens with yellow mirror coating

Ocean Flash: Grey tinted lens with blue mirror coating

Pine Green: Blue tinted lens with green mirror coating

Pink Panther: Blue green tinted lens with yellow mirror coating

Tank: Green tinted lens with gold mirror coating

We have you well pampered with optimal visual experience and great protection, even with an extra coating of coolness! Now you are ready to indulge in your hobby and go explore the world!

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