Single Vision Lens

Single Vision Lens

Glasses Gallery’s single vision lenses provide you with an unprecedented clarity of vision, comfort and protection.

What are single vision lenses? A single vision lens has the same power of correction across its whole surface. Single vision lenses correct one field of vision, or correct "simple" vision conditions like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, including "high correction" prescriptions.

At Glasses Gallery, clear single vision lenses combine extraordinary clarity with long-lasting performance and easy-to-clean convenience. And all our lenses, even clear lenses, are finished with Anti-Reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, and UVA/UVB protection.



People always spend much time trying to find and get the perfect eyeglass frames but ignore the need for the right choice of lenses. Actually the lenses you choose affect a lot on how satisfied you feel about your eyeglasses and overall, how happy you are with your corrected vision. The lenses should be of good quality so they are not only durable but also lightweight enough that you won't feel like a burden is right on your face, in extreme cases, the weight might even hurt the bridge area or leave a mark.

You also need to look for lenses that accurately meet your prescription. Never go for an option for an index that is "a bit off" but is a good deal because eventually you will feel the discomfort, and worst of all, the "off" might put your life in danger. Our single vision lenses are of the best quality and always manufactured using premium materials with excellent optical quality in the market, with a wide selection of choice of index from 1.5 to 1.74 depending on your individual requirement.


But of course you can always choose among other more specific lenses for digital devices or Transitions light adaptive lenses. Digital block coated lenses reduce harmful blue light emitted by digital screens. They are specially designed for people who need to spend a long time using their near vision or working with computers; the lenses are tailored to offer a higher quality feature in near zone.

When heading outdoors, Transitions light adaptive lenses offer the best UV protection and the best light control technology for double protection against UV and glare every day. Transitions allow only the right amount of light to go through the lenses to enhance your vision and seamlessly adapt to the changing light environment to make your vision always comfortable. It provides just the right amount of tint outdoors, offering a distinct advantage over regular clear lenses.

Our single vision lenses come with coatings and in different varieties to meet your specific needs, because what seems to others as "added features," to us are must-have features that you should benefit from every day.

Personalize your lenses to fit your routines! Simply add a function from our options to make your glasses do more than just bringing clear vision. We offer 5 different lens options for single vision lenses wearer.

Clear: Clean and crisp vision precisely crafted to your prescription.

Transitions: Transitions lenses adapt to the surrounding light levels by functioning like clear lenses indoors, and sun lenses outdoors.

Polarized: A special coating made for the sun lenses to reduce glare from light sources.

Digital block: Blocks incoming high energy blue light (HEV) that is harmful to your eyes. HEV is emitted by most digital displays.

Transitions Drivewear: Transitions lenses specially made for driving which tints even behind the windshield and cuts glare.

All our clear lenses are made from lightweight materials and crafted into thin slices with precision. The lenses are quadruple-coated with impact-resistant coating, scratch resistant coating, and anti-reflective coating. Our coatings leave no residue and your glasses remain easy to clean.

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