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Blackfin Glasses Online

About Blackfin Eyewear

So you’re looking for luxury glasses and you wonder if the fish like logo of the Blackfin brand is what you’re looking for. the italian brand sure has its appeal to anyone looking for high quality and luxury. Considering that the luxury Blackfin glasses have what many might say is the Lindberg like craftsmanship with the Italian blend of style and class, no wonder you’re eye was caught by the beautifully designed italian eyewear. The more one looks at the Blackfin glasses, you notice the designer eyewear has details that first were unnoticed. The Blackfin frames are a splendid mixture of metal metal and plastic or pure mixture of metals.

Blackin Frames

The main material preferred by the italian brand for the Blackfin eyewear is that of titanium and in several cases you’ll find a blend of titanium with plastic. You will also find the limited edition frames to contain 24 karat gold bringing the mixture of highest quality materials to a more than usual blend of quality and design.

The titanium used in the Blackfin glasses is specially crafted in Japan for the italian brand. The Blackfin brand designed the glasses with what they call the beta titanium temples. The beta titanium temples allow you to adjust the length of the temples for a better fit for every person. The temple tips are easily adjusted with the beta titanium temples.

As for any italian brand, expect to find splendidly shaped, glasses that have been designed to harmoniously compliment your features and choice of style on your daily life and for the special events. Whether one is looking for square shaped or oval shaped and even round shaped lenses, Blackfin has it all covered. But why stop there, when you can find it either full frame, or half frame, or even rimless.

With the luxury Blackfin glasses, you can surely expect to have authenticity and uniqueness. Each Blackfin designer eyewear, has a unique code engraved in order to be able to verify its authenticity. As one expects, the brand sells at a considerable premium as any reputable luxury brand that offers one of the highest quality products,highly valued and strong materials

Now you wonder how is the Blackfin brand better than the plethora of italian brands or many well known european brands. You have quality craftsmanship, strong long lasting materials and what else than the splendid italian design that is somewhat bringing familiarity and uniqueness.

How about considering that the designer eyewear from Blackfin could be even more personalized. All the Blackfin eyewear can be fitted either with reading/distance lenses, bifocal or the very comfortable progressive lenses. With even more options to personalize the lenses, you’ll have the perfect pair of luxury eyeglasses per your personal desire.

Where to buy Blackfin glasses?

The Glasses Gallery website offers wonderful personalization to the glasses chosen either Blackfin or any other one of our designer eyewear which all come with the highest quality lenses based on your personal choice. Perhaps I should get into more details in regards to the lenses available. Considering that our glasses are of high quality, we offer high quality lenses manufactured based on your personal needs. We always aim to cater to every customers needs and desires. What does that mean? It means we have already included coatings as standard which many other companies charge extras for. Beside the standard coatings for anti scratching, impact resistance and UV added protection.

But why stop there, when it is possible to add extra functions to the lenses and further personalize your pair of glasses, whichever that would be. Whether you’ve decided to choose the luxurious Blackfin or any other brand, you can add tinting to your lenses that will automatically darken the lens once out in the sun, for which there are several colors available. There is also the option to add computer protection with the digital block coating or anti glare protection. But perhaps you’re having a powerful prescription. There’s no need to bare the weight of thick lenses when there is the option to select thinner lenses. Perhaps you’re not sure to select the thinner option. No worries as we will always review every prescription submitted and we will recommend where needed the lens upgrade.

Is there more to consider when it comes to the Blackfin glasses? Sure can be bought as frame only and we will send the frame with clear lenses and use them as a fabulous fashion accessory or use them as sunglasses. Yes you’ve read that correct. Just cause is a frame considered for prescription lenses, doesn’t mean one can’t add tinting to a clear lens and turn them into sunglasses. If that doesn’t make your Blackfin designer eyewear more unique, how about considering the fact that upon request, we could personalize the frame a little more with engraving the name of a special someone or your own name or short phrase. Special requests like this can be achieved. What’s more premium than having your favourite pair of glasses personalized even more.

Are you starting to see the appeal of this wonderful Blackfin eyewear, and would like to see more of the available glasses? How about you check our Glasses Gallery and see the Blackfin eyewear where our selection of Blackfin eyewear is at a discounted price compared to retail prices. Perhaps even more to consider that there is the opportunity of landing an extra 15% discount for first time buyers. Creating an account would allow you to use the extra 15% discount needed to discount the Blackfin frames even further from the already reduced price compared to retail prices.

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