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Diva Eyewear

The Luxury Eyewear

Diva is a true luxury eyewear collection that was first created in 1990 by Italian Designer Antonio Coffen.  He set out to create a collection that captured the ultimate in beauty, femininity, and elegance interpreted into ladies eyewear.  His inspiration includes jewelry in addition to the pure beauty of nature. Objects such as flowers, animals, the ocean, trees, leafs and even the streaks of a burning comet all can be noticed in the collection’s metal treatments, plastic shaping, placing of Swarovskis and color combinations.

The collection's varied shapes possess truly flattering designs.  Impossible to miss is the lovely and inimitable temple detailing on each frame topped off by exquisite endpiece designs.  Rich Austrian Swarovski Crystal accents and a variety of vibrant colors enhance the intricate detailing of all models. Italian made and designed, Diva Eyewear represents the industry’s finest in luxury eyewear.

Diva Eyeglasses

Diva. The image we hold of such a figure is that of a spectacular entertainer with beauty, class, and confidence. Although we often see our favorite female performers in this light, today’s woman also possesses these striking qualities. Such a dynamic and intriguing woman wishes her eyewear eyeglasses to bring forth these enticing traits. DIVA Glasses Frames not only embodies these traits, it accentuates them. The DIVA Eyewear Eyeglasses Collection is for the upscale, confident woman who is comfortable with her sensuality.

DIVA doesn't have to be a dirty word, you know...especially when we're talking about Diva prescription eyeglasses and frames. Confidence isn't arrogance, and with Diva you get confidence in spades, from a brand of prescription glasses that makes women feel independent, powerful and beautiful every time they wear them. With embellishments, gold accents and a mix of bold and subtle colors helping to round out the line of Diva Rx glasses, there's a little glam for everyone....

At our online store, we cater to the confident diva inside every shopper by providing the friendliest, most helpful customer services and by offering a wide inventory of prescription lenses and frames. We are certain that one purchase with us will make you wonder why you ever trekked to try on pairs of glasses at a brick-and-mortar store and we do not think you will do it again.

Diamond Eyeglasses

Diva - a spectacular entertainer with beauty, class, and confidence. It's not just a term for performers anymore. These striking qualities define many modern women, and Diva Diamond Eyewear brings these enticing traits to the fore. Diva diamond rectangular eyeglasses not only embody the modern woman, it accentuates her finest features. The Diva Collection of Diamond glasses frames are made for the upscale, confident woman who is comfortable with her power, her style, and her allure.

Diamond full rimmed frames by Diva possess varied shapes and truly flattering designs. Diva Diamond Eyeglasses are available with a wide variety of intriguing styles, Cat Eye models accentuated by multi-shaded Swarovski Crystals and vibrant colors. Impossible to miss are the lovely and inimitable temple designs on each frame, topped off by exquisite end-pieces.

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