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Dsquared glasses, eyeglasses and sunglasses

About Dsquared

If you’re a globe trotter who always has to have the latest in fashion, Dsquared glasses are for you. Not someone who travels the world just for fun? That’s alright as the brand crafts high-quality frames for everyone who wants to have their hands on the latest and greatest of eyewear fashion.

Founded by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten who born in Canada living in London. They’ve evolved into a powerhouse of fine fashion, with clothing items selling for many thousands of dollars. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay nearly that much for their eclectic mix of Dsquared frames for men and women.

Italian influences have been present in their designs for over three decades, and their optical collection literally includes something for everyone. Classic shapes, embellished styles, and unique aviator spinoffs give the lineup an air of fun and flash. When you’re ready to show off your stylish side, try a Dsquared glasses frame.

Dsquared Eyeglasses

Dsquared2’s philosophy is an edgy mix of canadian iconography refined Italian tailoring and playful sensuality. The collections are a seamless melding of contrasts: sporty and glamorous, laidback and extravagant, masculine and feminine, creating a distinctive concept of alternative luxury. Recently the Dsquared collections have gained a sophisticated edge while maintaining the sexiness embedded in the brand’s DNA. Dsquared Eyewear is aimed at fashion addicts that have a careful eye for detail and a highly iconic style. They love to dare and express their personality with freedom and ease.

Dsquared glasses collection for men or women reveals a strong and modern personality thanks to models and frames with refined shapes and distinct details. The eyewear collection combines the traditional sober, Canadian style to the chic Italian attitude. A young design with great attention to details and a sporty mood. These are the main characteristics of the sun collection, while the eyeglass triumph between retro style and modern spirit.

Recently the Dsquared collections have gained sophisticated edge while maintaining the sexiness embedded in the brand’s DNA. The Dsquared sunglasses and glasses express their identity with a touch of glamour and irreverence blending vintage and contemporary forms. Eye-catching colour combinations and graphics with cool styling are the hallmark of the Dsquared frames. Dsquared Eyewear is aimed at fashion addicts that have a careful eye for detail.

Dsquared Sunglasses

The Dsquared2 sunglasses are an intelligent mix of irreverent Canadian wit and supremely refined Italian couture. They are blending bold, extreme cat-eye shapes, edgy oversized teardrops, and inverted aviators for an unforgettable collection. Taking inspiration from their runway shows, these sunglasses combine audacious acetates with metal accents. This is to show the craftsmanship and attention to detail that the Dsquared twins are recognized for. The simple elegance of the Dsquared logo illustrates the refined and understated nature of the brand to perfection. If you love the Dsquared style, don’t miss out on their extremely enviable Dsquared eyeglasses collection!

Engineered with legendary Dsquared quality, the Dsquared Eyeglass Frames delivers the excellent performance you expect. Dsquared products far exceed performance expectations and earns high praise in the field. Enjoy your hobby and achieve your goals with the outstanding performance of Eyeglass Frames products from Glasses Gallery. Glasses Gallery offers a 12-month warranty and guarantee return and Precision Rx prescription lenses

Created from high-end materials and state-of-the-art technology, the brand collection model number frame type / color / shape for gender. This brand collection model number frame type / material frame type at unbeatable price offer.They are sturdy and can withstand extreme movements like doing sports.

Dsquared is known for their very different design which often goes against the normal fashion. The brand is also known for making fashion shows that makes everyone else in the industry jealous. Dsquared sunglasses are like the clothes different from all other brands. The sunglasses have often thick rimmed glasses and frames.

Some would think that the sunglasses are too big because the sunglasses don’t match to their face. Dsquared sunglasses are made both in the classic earth colors but also in funny color. Red, violet and green are among the most frequently used colors. Dsquared sunglasses mens and dsquared sunglasses womens are perfect for whom want big sunglasses with attitude but also stylish and modern at the same time.

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