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Dunhill glasses

This Iconic British Luxury brand started in London in 1893. A family business, inherited by Alfred Dunhill from his late father.

Until they branched into designer eyewear such as prescription glasses and sunglasses, Dunhill has an interesting history of the product selection. The expansion in the automotive industry, offering from car components to automotive clothing as early as the late 19’th century. Dunhill’s brand is one of the oldest.

The brand, soon enough, adventured into the luxury market, opening 2 stores in London. With this step, they became known as more than just car accessories makers. The clothing line for automotive enthusiasts made them into a fashion brand.

As a natural evolution of the business, Dunhill started selling also a dedicated pipe for automotive use. In 1907 Dunhill opened the first tobacco and pipe shop. 

Currently, The Dunhill brand has many products available, in the thousands. Such products range from tobacco products and accessories, such as the Sterling silver Dunhill lighters, to the clothing, perfume, and eyewear.

The glasses line-up

When the Dunhill company decided to offer eyewear, it was the birth of a wonderful selection of designer luxury glasses. Such glasses, offering shapes and color mixtures to compliment the features of all men.

Most of the wonderfully designed glasses from Dunhill, are available at Glasses Gallery. A part of thousands of glasses designs and styles in our vast collection.

If you are looking for single-vision reading glasses or distance glasses, progressive lenses we have them. Some of the best designer glasses frames, we have them all. 

No matter what kind of pair of glasses you are looking for, we are confident you will find something. Our selection of glasses online receives only the best lenses for the best price. 

Whether you need a blue light coating or transition we have it at the best market price. Even more, we offer lens coatings for free, to reduce scratches, impacts, and clean easier.

You might not be convinced a pair of glasses is what you need. Contact lenses seem the better option as you don’t feel the frames. But nowadays, lenses are light same as many of the current frames.

With no risk of eye infections same as contact lenses, a pair of prescription glasses is the best way to protect your eyes and improve your vision.

Glasses Gallery offers best frames on the market from various brands and designers with the best lenses at lowest price.


With the quality of the Dunhill glasses and the prescription lenses, you are having the best of the 2 for your daily use and for your well though style.


Choosing Glasses Gallery is the best option on the market, with the unbeatable prices and lens quality. Join us as a subscriber to see the first some of our best promotions on the market. Get free lenses with most of the glasses, or free coatings and some of the best discounts on the market.

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