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Fuglies Quality Active Sports Glasses

A relatively young company, Fuglies managed to create worldwide brand recognition and a reputation for quality, comfort, and design.

Launched in November 2005, in Australia, the brand became quickly well known in the sports world. Fuglies glasses are made for perfect use in a sport that requires protection from sun and wind/dust. 

Such glasses are usually not considered as designer eyewear. The brains behind the brand managed to make it be a sport designer eyewear brand. And even though these are curved lens sports glasses, you can have them as prescription glasses. Perfect vision is important, to keep our eye health and ourselves safe during our daily life.

Known for the quality and design, the Fuglies glasses are used as safety sunglasses. The quality materials offer impact industrial eye protection. The soft foam used to seal the glasses from wind and sand, offer increased comfort.

The same soft rubber foam gasket also offers a snug fit position for the glasses. Thus not slipping off the nose bridge. 

The pair of sunglasses from Fuglies is perfect for when using your bike, on the water when sailing. And even in light industrial use. Fuglies safety lenses are perfect for an active lifestyle.

Such sunglasses for an active lifestyle, need to have some functionality s safety glasses for better eye protection. The medium ballistic impact industrial lens, offers protections, beyond anything else that usual sports sunglasses offer. 

With material innovation and mix offered by these amazing glasses, no wonder they quickly became a known brand worldwide. The Fuglies foam rubber insert that makes a snug and comfortable non-slip fit. Having the ballistic impact industrial eye protection lenses is another added functionality or these sports glasses.

Fuglies offer exceptional quality for an amazing price. 

Adding also prescription lenses of similar quality makes them even more versatile than most curved sunglasses. 

Glasses Gallery offers exceptional impact resistance lenses for a low price, without affecting quality. Prescription lenses are available for various types of sunglasses, sports glasses, and prescription glasses. Whether it is needed single vision lenses or progressive. 

Glasses Gallery offers the best price for high-quality lenses, with many functions being offered as standard for no additional cost. Prescription lenses are most recommended to improve your vision while keeping the eyes healthy. Unlike contact lenses, that have a high risk of causing eye irritation and even at times infections.

Ordering glasses online is also very easy, as long as you have a valid prescription for your new set of eyeglasses. In many cases, the prescription is missing the PD Measurement. When you read your prescription, in case it is missing the Pupillary Distance Measurement, we have developed methods for measurement. All done without you needing to step in any store or doctor’s office.

Glasses Gallery is the smart choice for choosing your new pair of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses. With low prices and high-quality frames from various brands and fashion design houses, it is the place for thousands of great frames.

Glasses Gallery, affordable designer frames for everyone.

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