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Just Cavalli Eyewear

About Just Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was born in Italy in the year 1940. His family was modest and had powerful artistic talents and customs. Grandfather was an impressionist painter and her mother was a tailor. He was a judge at the Miss Universe 1977 pageant where his future wife (Eva Duringer) was a contestant, who represented Austria and won second place.

Cavalli had the procedure of printing on leather patented. During the next ten years of his life, he worked on patch quilt which is sewing the unmatched pieces of leather together. In the 1970’s he gained fame and recognition. In 2002, Cavalli opened the Just Cavalli café in Milan at Torre Branca and another boutique. For the modern working woman who’s really wild at heart. Inspired by the blithe abandon of the Florentine design world, Just Cavalli brings wearers bold frames with even bolder designs; whether spicing up a business suit with a little bit of flash or putting the finishing touches on an outfit for a night on the town.

Since Roberto Cavalli created the Just Cavalli line in 2000, dedicating it to a new generation of free spirits. Starting with his eclectic, highly imaginative style, he devised a collection with a strong personality, focusing on the constant use of innovative materials and experimental graphics, the traditional “heritage” of the Cavalli fashion house. The collection has always stood out as a think-tank that studies and refines tomorrow’s style today.  It has become a global brand enriched through the ideation and creation of a range of Just Cavalli brand products, meeting the needs of a young international clientele.From the photos of Roberto Cavalli’’s travels, the prints are born: absolute protagonists of this collection, inspired as always by the wonder of nature.

“I created Just Cavalli for young people, who are always inspiring my designs…

I observe them, study them —  sometimes I’m taken aback by them, they fascinate   me…The focus of Just Cavalli has turned to the real world, to the contemporary — the absolute territory of the new generation!....

“My prints always come from my photos, they are the inspiration of my clothes…”

“The most normal object has the ability to stir distant memories in my mind…”

“And become a source of inspiration for a collection or even a simple detail on a dress”

Just Cavalli is conceived for a new generation of free spirits. Provided since the beginning with strong personality and special focus on the use of innovative materials and experimental graphics, the line has always stood out as a think-tank where the style of tomorrow was constantly reinvented and interpreted in an original way. Over the years, it has become a global brand enriched through the creation of a range of Just Cavalli products, meeting the needs of a young, international clientele.

The arrival of Paul Surridge in May 2017, marked a strong evolution in all the lines of Roberto Cavalli. He reinvented the style of the brand Just Cavalli maintaining the Mediterranean dna and joyful essence of the past with a strong link to the metropolitan life. The prints take a new look, more defined and clean; the shapes, sexy and comfortable at the same time, easy to wear with a twist of rock and roll. Today the inspiration of the designer, transversally sophisticated, reflects men and women urban, fresh, sporty but at the same time with a strong attention to the details.

Just Cavalli Glasses

Introducing a classic, authentic and more modern touch to your style this season, the Just Cavalli eyeglasses collection. The collection reflects the classy and confident personality of its wearer, crafted with etching details and a layer of subtle colours. like roberto cavalli eyeglasses collection, the well-balanced Just Cavalli frames give you a light feel along with a shimmering lens finish guaranteed to give you a comfortable wear for your face shape and a clear vision for years to come.

Just Cavalli Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Eyewear shouldn't only be about seeing better, your frames create a statement to the world about who you are. Just Cavalli eyeglasses are an outward expression of your individuality. Just Cavalli is an offshoot of the iconic Roberto Cavalli brand and, like all Cavalli creations, it's bold, innovative, and eclectic. Just Cavalli glasses are designed for people that aren't interested in being like everyone else or falling back on tradition. They look forward and they want tomorrow's styles today.

Just like Roberto Cavalli himself, whose own style and personality has raised more than a few eyebrows in his day. Even as a youth in Florence, Cavalli was paving his own path, inventing new ways to print on leather and dreaming up patchwork patterns that married a range of materials. By his 20s, he was already crafting works for Hermes and Pierre Cardin and by 32, he had his own line. He went on to invent sand blasted jeans and, in 2000, launched Just Cavalli to inspire a new generation of free thinkers.

Just Cavalli Sunglasses

The sunglasses collection consists of rims realized with different materials shown into different colours in order to be suitable to a male and female public who wants to be in line with the fashion trend. The colour plays the main role and it makes particularly winning the ophthalmic collection, made up of rims in acetate and metal.

All Just Cavalli frames are guaranteed to be defect-free and authentic. We will replace any defective or damaged items to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our professional lab can install custom prescription lenses into any eyeglass frame and many sunglass styles. We specialize in prescription lenses including Progressives, Transitions as well as Anti-Reflective coatings.

Buying Just Cavalli online

There are many Just Cavalli eyeglasses and sunglasses models being available from Glasses Gallery. The site map was used during planning of our website for the purpose of accessible search by users online. Choose Just Cavalli glasses for quality and style. Browse through the various models on offer before trying on your favourite pairs with our 3D Try On Function Online and tailor the glasses to your individual needs by entering the relevant options from your prescription. After you have placed your order, we will ship your Just Cavalli glasses with free shipping for orders above $200 to customers in United States. We also provide a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can buy without risk.

There are many Just Cavalli eyeglasses and sunglasses models being available from Glasses Gallery. The site map was used during planning of our website for the purpose of accessible search by users online.

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