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Kio Eyewear

Kio Eyeglasses was founded by passionate individuals seeking to meet challenges with the ultimate pursuit of creativity and vision. With influences from the past and present and inspiration from the future, Kio Yamoto blends art and philosophy throughout time. Kio Yamato optics continuously strives to blend the often opposing forces of simplicity and luxury, with traditional sophistication and trend. Kio Yamoto is powered by visionaries with a love to create unique, sophisticated and luxurious eye wear, while pursuing excellence in design. The company is based on a desire for growth and learning and a love of life.

Whether it is the titanium or plastics collection, each frame is a blend of opposites – juxtaposing traditional sophistication and up-to-the-minute style, bold and graceful elements. Owning a pair of Kio Yamoto frames, is owning a piece of luxury.

Kio Yamato presents new luxurious and durable frames to its collection. Officially launched in 1998, Kio Yamato frames feature a variety of shapes and sizes in different materials such as lightweight titanium and custom- made acetate. The word Kio translates to pure and clean, while the name Yamato is an ancient Japanese province that symbolizes with eloquence the first Japanese state whose power sprang from wisdom and grace. With unique hinges and refined lines, each style is durable and comfortable with a clean and sophisticated look.

Kio glasses appeal to individuals who appreciate superior workmanship and clean design. Japan is known to be the source for the best quality beta titanium eyeglass frames. These Kio Yamato’s frames are not made of  20% low grade titanium eyeglasses. Look at Kio Yamato’s signature titanium “J-hinge” and you’ll see the clean design lines, technology and beauty that make Kio Yamato eyeglasses so popular.

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