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MiNiMA Eyewear

About MiNiMA eyewear

The MiNiMA brand, is one of the top french luxury eyeglasses company. With a history of over 3 decades of research and manufacture,this top french company has innovated and made it its goal to produce high quality and light eyewear.

The company’s founder, Maurice Timon says that the drive behind the Minima company is that you feel great with their eyewear. The Minima company actually states that their eyewear is designed to be comfortable on all levels for those that wear them. No wonder such achievement was possible, considering the knowledge acquired in the 30 years of manufacture and design.

Should one think the Minima eyeglasses are only technical? Make no mistake in forgetting that this is a french company. Nothing wrong in expecting great designing and keeping up with the fashion industry. The Minima eyewear it’s designed to be sleek and smart, simply elegant. Minima luxury glasses are made of a mixture of materials that hide the mastery of manufacture achieved in the long history of the company. The Minima luxury eyewear is designed to cover multiple designs that match current fashion evolution of trends.

MiNiMA Frames

In order to please everyone's desire for fashion and luxury, the Minima company has created wonderful designer frames that are either square, round/pantos, oval or geometrical. As the trends evolved, Minima glasses have have evolved too. Whether the trend was to have luxury glasses made of metal or with titanium sides, rimless or full rim.

What made people to move back to the multitude of glasses when there is also available to use contact lenses, is beyond the sturdiness of modern glasses. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all thinked it many times. You’ve seen a person around you wearing a pair of glasses that gave you the vibe that it’s a well educated, well read person. One that’s capable of greatness as an intellectual. Perhaps that’s just right, considering that glasses are offering us this incredible vibe which doesn’t have to come with a sacrifice towards the fashion side.

In the past decade we’ve noticed that people use the eyeglasses not just for their function but also as fashion accessories. Unlike many of the regular eyeglasses, the Minima eyeglasses are highly fashionable and made with high quality materials that last longer than expected. To make it even better, there is also the line of minima designer frames which are also made with precious metals such as gold. Gold plated frames are a true sign of luxury designer frames. Let’s not forget that you have also the option of horn as a splendid frame material. Minima eyewear has also the line for children which wonderfully takes care of their needs while keeping them too fashionable.

The children's selection offers options for your toddler to not just help with improving their eyesight, but making them feel comfortable and staying up with the fashion trend. Just cause they are children, doesn’t mean one should not think of their look.

There’s one more line we have not talked yet, and that would be the sunglasses line. The luxurious line of Minima sunglasses is made with the expected utmost quality. Minima sunglasses keep the eyewear line’s expected quality that’s already expected from the Minima luxury glasses. As per the company’s goal of keeping up with the fashion trend, we find various shapes and high quality materials used in creating spectacular Minima sunglasses.

MiNiMA glasses at Glasses Gallery

But perhaps you have your heart stuck on a frame that’s designed for prescription lenses. We at Glasses Gallery, can help you in personalizing the glasses as per your desire. We at Glasses Gallery are specialists in making lenses both as prescription and non prescription and where our customers have special requests, we can make as per our customers requests. For this kind of requests, we can produce and fit personalized non prescription or prescription sunglass lenses on either of the frames, whether Minimal or other brand. Any of the Minima eyeglasses or sunglasses can be fitted with either single vision lenses for reading or distance or as bifocal or progressive lenses. All our lenses can be personalized furthermore with extra functions. Can be chosen either with digital block coating to protect ones eyes from harmful blue light. Could either select as HD vision lenses, which are protecting against glare, offering clear vision during night and protecting from glare caused by reflected light. But let’s not forget that transition lenses are available also as an option for extra function. Beside the mentioned functions, all our lenses come with scratch resistance and impact proof coatings as standard, unlike many of our competitors.

There’s also the option to select the thickness of lenses as the prescription power over +4 or -4 does tend to create thicker lenses. For such cases, we have the option to select thinner option as index for the lenses needed. Glasses Gallery is here to help as a specialist in creating prescription lenses that are uniquely personalized. With such a plethora of options, one can only expect the best, thus we offer one of our luxury brands like Minima at reduced price compared with the retail prices.

The Minima brand together with hundreds more are available at reduced price for most of the time. We constantly do our best in offering high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses that are more accessible to a larger number of people while keeping the outstanding quality of material and service that everyone deserves, whether for a frame of luxury glasses or for a frame from many of the other worldwide brands that aim for a more accessible price.

Minima same as Glasses Gallery aims to offer high quality without any compromises. The aim is for comfort, quality and constant quality for after sale services. Have a look at our large stock of brands or have a better look at many of the Minima frames available to personalize with the preferred lenses whether with prescription or non prescription.

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