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Modo Eyewear

About Modo

MODO takes a truly artistic approach to eyewear design, blending the spirits of New York, Italy, and Scandinavia to create something truly special. They unite the progressive spirit of New York, Italian craftsmanship and Scandinavian minimalism in perfect harmony.

Born in the 90s, in Soho, New York, Modo Eyewear was started by a innovative, young designer named Alessandro Lanaro. Since its founding, Modo has focused on innovation and design. Their aim to become a brand that’s synonymous with progressive designs that are minimal yet beautiful.

Frames in this line up are not overly flashy by any means, as the brand appreciates the simple balance between light and dark and form and function. These basic principles give life to their collection instead of relying on trendy elements.

In 2016, MODO launched the Buy a Frame – Help a Child See program in collaboration with SEVA Foundation. Today they have helped more than 650 000 children in India to see by offering free vision screenings, prescription glasses and corrective treatments. They  are proud to be an eyewear industry leader in social responsibility. They also donates a pair of glasses to a person in need as a part of the World Health organization’s Vision 2020 initiative.

Modo Eyewear Frames: Fashion, Sustainability, and Charity

Modo Eyeglasses features bold, bright colors with edgy, fun frames. These authentic Modo frames are made of Acetate, Titanium, Monel, and even a mix of all of these materials. These materials are hypoallergenic, sturdy, and the metals are corrosion resistant. Modo Eyeglasses frames features mostly full rim frames in round, rectangle, and cat-eye frame fronts. Most Modo glasses frames are progressive-friendly. Modo titanium frames for men is for a professional looking for a color brown or a modern, edgy titanium temples.

Modo Prescription Eyeglass Frames

The real importance of eyewear is its contribution to your vision, and that is affected by the lens options. Lens technologies can make your eyewear truly customized, enhancing your visual experience, and even potentially improving your overall health.

Of primary importance in selecting your lens are the requirements of your lifestyle choices. Do you need a lens that works well in an office environment? Are you involved in outdoor sports? Do your lenses need to support close handiwork? What about digital device use? Your optician will help you select the correct lens or lenses, based on your personal needs. The answer is simple - Get your lightweight designer rx glasses! For instance, Modo 4030 prescription glasses.

Placing your orders to our online store

Both men and women can choose from a range of frames that incorporate a sense of sophistication while still showing off your playful side. Unique metal detailing and the combination of a variety of metals gives eyewear the look and feel of being somewhat futuristic while still maintaining a classic spirit.

All Modo frames from our online store are guaranteed to be defect-free and free shipping to you. We will replace any defective or damaged items to ensure 100% satisfaction and respond within 24 hours after receiving of your request. Our online optical lab can install custom prescription lenses into any eyeglass frame and many sunglass styles.

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