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MUST by Grafix designer glasses

About MUSTbygrafix (MUST) eyewear

Founded in 1999, MUSTbygrafix is one of the German brands that continue the high quality manufacture of glasses. Must by Grafix was founded in the city of Rathenow where the optical industry was established over 200 year ago. Continuing the tradition of German manufacturing, blending the traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. In the luxury eyewear industry, one will find that Must by Grafix eyeglasses bring distinct german quality manufacture and high quality materials.

The quality glasses from Must by Grafix are some of the few glasses worldwide still hand made in germany and not only. As the world moved to more automation, the Must by Grafix has gotten influence for some of the metal work that is needed to be done from the german car industry.

The Must by Grafix luxury eyeglasses offer simplicity with modern design and quality materials that match perfectly for any face shape. Buying eyeglasses from Must by Grafix will offer you splendid quality that is difficult to match by most designer frames.

When one looks to buy eyeglasses online should consider the frame fit that Must by Grafix offers. The all titanium frames or mix of titanium with synthetic materials that are used mainly in the auto industry, the Must by Grafix offers highly unique glasses. Developing its own no screw hinges that have been rigorously tested for a long use.

The Must by Grafix pair of glasses has a large palette of colors that are added to the titanium sides using PVD coating. The hundreds of colour mixtures make the glasses to fit with any style and face shape that’s possible due to the different shapes available. Whether you're looking for frames online that are square , round, ovale, full rim, half rim or rimless, Must by Grafix has the ones for you.

But beside the high quality materials, the simple yet amazing designs and color mix, add the right pair of lenses and you’ve got yourself the perfect lightweight and sturdy pair of glasses. So when checking the Must by Grafix glasses on the Glasses Gallery, think of how you can personalize your choice of glasses. Unlike most eyeglass retailers, we offer standard coatings for every type of lenses you choose.

When choosing the lenses on Glasses Gallery, expect to receive as included coatings the anti scratch and impact resistance coatings, uv protection coating as we consider that all prescription lenses deserve the best quality for our valued customers. For all our frame and lenses we consider that quality should not be based only on the high price tag.

So when you buy glasses online from Glasses gallery, we offer single vision lenses, bifocal lenses and progressive lenses as available options. Whether you want to add extra functions or not, the choice is your. But just in case, we have you covered with accessible price for anti reflective coating which helps keep away the distracting light reflection, digital block coating to protect your eyes from the harmful light or have them as transition lenses. We usually recommend that for prescription power over +4 or -4 that a thinner lens is selected. For best perfect lenses, we add and extra layer of personalization called PD (pupil distance) Measurement. The PD Measurement can be offered by your eye doctor during the eye exam.

The eyeglass lenses are made as personalized as possible. Whether you are choosing to purchase online the Must by Grafix or any of the many luxury brands available on our website, we will offer the best price available compared to retail stores. We would be happy if Must by Grafix would be the glasses you’ve chose, though we are happy to help finding the glasses that fit best to your fashion taste and features.

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