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Pugnale Glasses

About Pugnale Eyewear

The Pugnale brand was born with the creation of the Pugnale&Nyleve company by Emanuele Pugnale in the year of 2013. After 10 years of delivering machinery specialized in processing metals to produce glasses, Emanuele Pugnale decided to open his own eyeglasses company. With the distribution and his own experience in regards to high precision machinery Emanuele Pugnale decided to venture in the fashion world by making wonderful eyewear.

So what makes the Pugnale glasses better than the competition. The authentic eyeglasses are of amazing quality and unique design. The luxury glasses made by Pugnale, have what many fashion houses wish to easily achieve. The simplicity yet complex lines combined with what only seems as simple frame shapes.

The splendid Pugnale glasses are made to show one's beauty and boldness. By combining metals with textiles or precious materials it creates contemporary and exclusive luxury in the Pugnale eyewear. The high quality eyeglasses are a marvel to look at as they are not your typical pair of glasses.

All of the Pugnale eyeglasses are made to show the excellence of the italian manufacturing. Whether it is a mix of tradition and modern manufacturing procedures or the mix of classic materials and modern. You can easily notice in the textures used and the added details. The high technology Pugnale eyeglasses are made to be unique and exclusive. But despite being unique and exclusive the Pugnale glasses are also keeping up with the current fashion trends.

When you look to buy eyeglasses, especially for luxury eyeglasses you are looking beside the high quality materials, for something unique. Pugnale is beside up to date with the fashion trend, also a trend setter. The luxury glasses made by Pugnale blend uniquely the design that are inspired by texture patterns with the fluid lines and strength of metals. Add the glow of precious metals like the 24k gold and 18k rose gold and you’ve got yourself the recipe of marvelous materials with italian inspired designs.

You will sure find something to your liking. Whether is round, square, ovale or geometrical. Full rim or half rim glasses, eyeglasses or sunglasses. All you would like and more is at Pugnale made with amazing quality and attention to details. And even more, there is the added uniqueness that is hard to find at other designer glasses.

What more can one want from such splendid glasses ? One would sure want to have the eyeglass lenses that are best for its particular needs. Whether you need impact resistant prescription lenses or anti reflective coating for your lenses, we at Glasses Gallery can provide that and more. Buy glasses online from Glasses Gallery and they come with anti scratch, impact resistant and uv protection coating as standard, which in not the usual package offered by any other store that sells eyeglasses online. We consider that the lenses should have this package as standard because you deserve quality above all else.

Pugnale eyeglasses are a statement of boldness and yet of acceptance that uniqueness is strength. Anyone can wear a pair of glasses, but the Pugnale glasses are meant to show your inner boldness. When you buy a pair of Pugnale you buy a unique pair of glasses that’s been made to show not just great, but to complement your own character.

One might say that eyeglasses are an extension of how we see ourselves. Pugnale offers options that are able to express how we see ourselves beyond the usual luxury glasses. You’ll find glasses with thicker or thinner frames and with decorative accessories that are oversized and intricate. Would be unfair to say it is a regular luxurious frame.

And add to all that the type of lenses that you desire and you’ve got yourself a pair of glasses that are becoming a part of you and not just the luxury designer glasses that other famous fashion brands are producing.

I’ll mention that with Glasses Gallery you have the chance to find Pugnale and many other luxury brands at a significantly reduced price compared to retail store prices. Add to that the accessible cost for lenses and the choice of buying from Glasses Gallery become obvious. The Pugnale glasses would be an amazing purchase that could easily be made even better by adding the prescription lenses that you need.

So what lenses could one add? Easy to choose once you decided what to buy. You cans elect either single vision lenses for reading or distance. One could choose bifocal lenses or the more user friendly progressive lenses. But that’s not all it can be done. Add extra function to the chosen lense for your quality eyeglasses by adding anti reflective coating or transition or the digital block coating that protects us from the daily use of electronics.

So have you decided to buy the Pugnale glasses either as prescription glasses or as fashion accessory? Check our always growing collection of luxury glasses from Pugnale or try to look at our amazing list of brands and pick something to your liking, whether is from the luxury category or the very price friendly world famous brands.

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