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Roberto Cavalli Eyewear

About Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is synonymous with joy and optimism, with glamour and success, with luxury and beauty. His world is non-conformist and free, sensual and always seductive.

Roberto Cavalli conceives fashion as a total experience. The style he proposes is not merely a way of dressing, but a way of being: a lifestyle. His is an intangible and highly aspirational dream. A questioning man and a lover of life, Roberto Cavalli is able to convey a great energy with whatever he does. He’s an attractive person because he is always positive and close to his public.

The Roberto Cavalli imaginary mixes the respect for traditional craft with a firm will to experiment. The designer is world-known for his prints, which are central to his vision and convey his love for nature and his unbridled creativity. Flower motifs, animalier patterns, feline spots and jungle themes are all quintessentially Cavalli. But Roberto Cavalli is also unpredictable: his style changes constantly, in a never-ending quest for technical and artistic new solutions. His ability to understand, bring out and highlight the glamour hidden in every woman, and his capability to define an over-the-top but refined masculinity is unparalleled.

The fashion of Cavalli charm immediately: they give an emotion.

Cavalli is considered the designer of the star system. His motto is “a dress can change your life”, and the many celebrities and friends the world over who identify with his multifaceted style can testify. Big stars such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncè Knowles, Lenny Kravitz, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson are all ambassadors, today, of the Cavalli way of life.

There is no second opinion that Roberto Cavalli is one of the marvelous brands in Fashion Industry and many Hollywood celebrities preferred to wear Roberto Cavalli’s accessories in their daily life. Roberto Cavalli is famous for his shocking and flashy designs which have been redefining fashion statement for many years. Cavalli always comes up with trendy designs and is well known for new and unique inventions in fashion accessories and changes the look of rock stars.

Cavalli designs and manufactures a wide range of men and women’s sunglasses. His designed sunglasses are featured in top notch photo shoots and fashion shows and that is why these are worn by some of the world’s hottest and famous celebrities. Oversized and detailed design work is the specialty of this brand and really makes them stand alone in its category.

Roberto Cavalli eyeglasses

With the talent of artistry in the family it’s no surprise that Roberto Cavalli found a home in the world of fashion design. Making his start in the industry in the early 1970’s with a patented leather printing technique, he caught the eye of top designers like Hermès and Pierre Cardin. In 1972 he opened his first boutique and has since been gracing the runways with his powerful printed designs. Now with the Cavalli eyeglasses line his vision has manifested itself onto a brand new canvas.

It’s no question that Roberto Cavalli couture is not for the weak. Confidence is key when donning one of his dynamic pieces. Both women and menswear alike share the trademark of bold, animal inspired prints and dramatically textured design. The Roberto Cavalli glasses collection is no exception to his style with a variety of feminine silhouettes and intricate detailing adorning the temples. Without a doubt,you’ll be turning heads with Roberto Cavalli glasses.

There’s never a dull moment in any Roberto Cavalli design; the acclaimed Italian designer is known for his mix of wild animal prints and unparalleled elegance. After debuting in 1970, the designer has continued to enthrall the fashion world with his luxurious and unusual creations made using feathers, leather, denim and more. The Roberto Cavalli accessories collection features Swarovski crystal-embellished sunglasses,floral print stoles, voile shawls and light-weight scarves, among other pieces. Designed for the fashion-forward contemporary woman, Cavalli’s designs feature lush fabrics and distinct details. Complete your look with a select range of signature Roberto Cavalli sunglasses,aviators, scarves and more at Glasse gallery.

Roberto Cavalli Prescription Eyeglasses Frames

Roberto Cavalli began his career as an artist, and this is reflected in every frame of the Roberto Cavalli glasses frames collection. Roberto Cavalli has always been renowned for marrying textures and colors and for experimenting with new technologies, and the Roberto Cavalli eyewear collection is an alluring and fashion-forward illustration of this.

Roberto Cavalli's collection pulls from his many years of designing experience and melds the luxuries of the past with contemporary fashion sense. The Roberto Cavalli frames collection makes a true fashion statement and brings cutting edge styles and notions to any wardrobe.

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