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Exclusive Progressive Glasses Promotion for the Ageing Eyes

Select and buy eyeglasses with the lens promo label, we will include a pair of comfortable progressive lenses with high visual clarity. Hundreds of glasses frames for men and women are included in this progressive lens promotions!

Your customized progressive glasses feature the thinnest possible index with premium anti-reflective, anti-scratch, impact-resistant, UV protection, and easy-to-clean coatings without having to pay extra. We cater to most lens powers, so your eyes are in good hands.

For most, getting a pair of progressive reading glasses is almost like a rite of age. Once you reach that stage of life, reading fine prints may start to become a strain on your eyes. Some choose bifocals or trifocals to deal with both the distance vision plus reading vision; others choose true multifocal lenses that enables natural vision without the sudden jump in visual clarity.

Progressive eyeglasses - how do they work?

When you were young, a pair of single vision glasses for your nearsightedness was the only thing you needed. As you reach the age of 40, you begin to discover that you are beginning to have trouble reading books as well. This is where progressives come in. It is very much different from the traditional bifocals of the past, where a clear line of divide separated the near and distance viewing zones. We know it as the true multifocal glasses which lets you see much more than just two defined zones.

Progressives has no visible lines. Instead, all the viewing zones are drilled and crafted into the curvature of the lenses. There is no longer a wall separating your vision. Because of the way it is made, all vision ranges, including the much neglected mid range, is taken care of by the progressives. While many still confuse progressive with bifocals, they cannot be anymore different with the way they allow you to see.

Progressive lenses stay true to its name, and enables a smooth progression of vision with every part of the lens linking together from top to bottom. While most lenses of this type inhibits peripheral vision due to what is known as the blending region in width of the lens. Our lens design minimizes those regions, restoring peripheral vision make vision more natural. Anytime is a good time to wear Glasses Gallery progressive lenses.

A good pair of reading glasses can make the difference between struggling to read and easy reading. Because many of us spend a lot of time on computers and smartphones, we also provide an option to coat your lenses with a digital block coating. This coating filters harmful blue light, which makes computer reading a safer habit.

Head to your eye doctor today and get an up-to-date prescription for your eyes, and step into the light of quality progressives glasses online! Glasses Gallery is the place for all cheap progressive glasses needs.

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